Is this right?

Emory Traylor 08/14/2017. 20 answers
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Yesterday i purchased a preowned 2014 volkswagen passat. In the blue book, it shows that the car is worth 13,000 but after signing everything, on the paper it boosted up to around over 17,000 total for payoff because some how they charged me a warraty that is 2000.00. Have you heard about a salesman charging that...

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? 07/31/2017.

That sounds fairly typical. The dealership probably offers their own warranty, and that's what you're paying for. Used cars can have more expensive warranties because of the risk of their unknown past and age. If you are uncomfortable with it, you should call the dealership and ask them to explain the charges and the benefits of the warranty.

d 07/31/2017.

You don't have to

rita 07/31/2017.

Are you paying That sounds fairly typical. The dealership probably offers their own warranty, and that's what you're paying for

Stainlord 07/31/2017.

Also take into consideration Kelly blue book prices are for California specifically. Other states do not follow these price patterns

Love big words 07/31/2017.

The warranty can be cancelled. Do it today.

JetDoc 07/31/2017.

Sounds like you weren't paying attention when you were signing paperwork at the end of the sale. You DON'T have to BUY an extended warranty if you don't want it. Of course, then when your car breaks down, you have no warranty protection and you have to pay for everything out of your own pocket.

philip 07/31/2017.

Tell them you don't want the warranty, and make them remove it from the purchase and refund your money.

Noah 07/31/2017.

Have you ever heard of the term gaping @ssh0le? Because that is what you have right now.

Let me give you some advice that the Notorious B.I.G. gave me before he was killed. "The person who plays pu$$y, is the person who is getting screwed"

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

Blue book means nothing on a car lot. They have their price on the vehicle and KBB has their price. Those 2 numbers will be different. If you "bought the extended warranty package" they slipped that in and you signed on the dotted line accepting the warranty. YOU DID NOT NEED THE WARRANTY package. Meaning if something did go wrong with the car, you would foot the bill. On a 3 year old car hardly anything will go wrong. Maybe if it was 13 years old their might be issues but not 3. I would have gambled and not buy the extended warranty package.(an immediate savings of $2000 which I would rather have in my pocket than in their's.)

mccoyblues 07/31/2017.

You don't have to buy a warranty. You can say NO.

Why did you sign a contract that included a warranty that you did not want? If your answer is "I didn't know" or "I didn't read it" well that's on you. You signed a contract you didn't read.

Alexander 07/31/2017.

The Passat has a less than stellar reputation for reliability, so an aftermarket warranty could cost $2000 or more. I'd love to get an aftermarket warranty for only $2000 on a late model European car, because some of them cost significantly more.

It's a used car and you don't have to purchase the extended warranty, but it will come in handy if the electronics go on the fritz or the transmission takes a dump.

The dealer should not have charged you for the extended warranty unless you authorized them to do so. If you feel comfortable with the car and don't anticipate costly quality issues, then go back on them and say you didn't authorize the warranty and don't want it. If you signed a bunch of papers and one of them was for the warranty, then they are a shady dealer that hooked you but it's your own fault for not reading the paperwork before signing.

Scott 07/31/2017.

Blue book value doesn't matter at this point, you agreed to the the deal when you signed the paperwork. You should understand the numbers BEFORE you obligate yourself to a long-term financial commitment. Used car warranties are generally for suckers. They are usually too limited in their coverage to justify the additional expense. BTW, you have no right to cancel the deal, return the car, etc. Anyone who tells you you can is an idiot. You're stuck.

Skoda John 07/31/2017.

In Europe a car dealer HAS to offer a free 6 month waranty by law.

The UK has very strict vehicle testing and laws on supply of goods.

We also have very cheap used cars.

I checked a little while back and within 50 miles of me there were over 14000 cars under $1000 equivilent.

These were good cars with a current test certificate including Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Jay P 07/31/2017.

By signing, you agreed to the extended warranty at a cost of 2000. Assuming you're referring to dollars, that sales person must love you because that salesman is having steak dinners for the rest of the week from the commission of your sale.

Never 07/31/2017.

Cancel the warranty. You wont get cash but it will go to your loan.

Next time, pay attention.

Barnes 07/31/2017.

You signed without checking first. Car dealers must love you.

DR + Mrs Bears face 07/31/2017.

Hi so facts are such that this car needs to be covered at this rate. so what else could you do. 1 not buy the car. 2 not have extended warranty. or 3 pay up and enjoy.

Timbo is here 07/31/2017.

In most places in the world, and no one knows where you are, there is no compulsion to sell a warranty. Some dealers get more money out of finance and warranty commissions than they do selling cars so push them.

Hopefully you are in a part of the world where you get a cooling off period and can cancel the warranty if you do not want it.

TiggyWiggy 07/31/2017.

A car dealer is not your trusted friend. You must watch everything he does and says to avoid being taken advantage of.

STEPHEN 07/31/2017.

"worth" is meaningless. If you pay 2000 for a warranty you're a fool.