Now that Pete Rose was accused of statutory rape in 1970s, Should he be barred from the Hall of Fame or no?

Kush 08/19/2017. 16 answers
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A sworn statement by an unidentified woman, contained in a motion filed Monday in John Dowd's defense against Pete Rose's defamation lawsuit, alleges that Rose had a sexual relationship with the woman for several years in the 1970s, beginning before she turned 16.

16 Answers

CD 08/05/2017.

He's already barred from the HOF

Tad Dubious 08/05/2017.

Kush, that doesn't matter. He IS banned for betting on games. That is one of the 10 Commandments of Baseball: NO BETTING ON GAMES!!!!

Bob 08/05/2017.

He is already banned from the Hall of Fame,being accused is not the same thing as being convicted, and he can't be prosecuted because the Statute of Limitations has run out.

db 08/05/2017.

He already was banned from MLB for cheating. So this has no implication of him getting into the HOF or not., He is already banned. That reason is enough to not let him into the HOF.

David and Stephanie 08/05/2017.

I never alter my opinions of anyone based on an accusation with no proof or evidence. Especially not in situations like this where the alleged crime occurred 40+ years ago and the supposed victim just now decided to come forward with a public accusation.

So yeah, before this news I thought Pete Rose was a selfish scumbag who fully deserved his permanent ban from MLB and the HOF, and I still think he's a selfish scumbag who shouldn't be allowed to have any official association with MLB.

Louie O 08/05/2017.

He still is banned from the MLB Hall of Fame. But he was inducted in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame so evidently MLB doesn't have any say in who is inducted into a teams Hall of Fame.

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David 08/05/2017.

He already is in the Hall of Fame of scumbags. This only reinforces why he will never be inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. As bad as this is, it's still the breaking of Rule 21 that matters. It reads "permanently ineligible" for a reason, and MLB has no intention of changing the meaning of permanent. And as long as the Hall of Fame continues to take their lead from MLB, he will not be on a ballot.

Lou C. Ferr 07/29/2017.

Ever heard of the Statute of Limitations?

LegFuJohnson 07/29/2017.

He already is barred from the Hall (you never noticed?)

glenbarrington 07/29/2017.

Not until he is tried AND convicted. You don't go about ruining lives on a CHARGE of statutory rape.

Big 08/05/2017.

Troll...rose was banned for life decades ago,jerk

drrckyee 08/05/2017.

Of course Pete Rose will be barred from the Hall of Fame.

18 gibbs 20 08/05/2017.

No one should be barred based in an allegation. This included his gambling as well. He wasn't banned until Dowd proved it. Same here. Proof first.

I Hate Commerce 08/05/2017.

I've been thinking this before this news came out, but are pete rose and billy jean king the same person? no offense.

You Wrong 08/05/2017.

Rose has been, and will always be, a degenerate lowlife and Dowd's accusation doesn't change that. He's banned from baseball because of it so he'll never be inducted into the HoF.

Julie 07/29/2017.

4 decades ago, unproven, anonymous. Yeah, sure. Why not?