Are white Australian embarrassed that everybody in the world knows that their ancestors were criminals dumped on Australia?

Anonymous 08/22/2017. 24 answers
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England didn't want them so they dumped them on Australia for their crimes.

24 Answers

Chuckles 08/01/2017.

They are actually proud of it.

crystal 08/01/2017.

Not at all I kinda like it :)

Bill 08/01/2017.

These Aussies and Canucks are limey azz kissers!

Mercury 08/01/2017.

Hardy most of the crimes were minor like stealing a sheep.

Tinkerbelle Princess Mai 08/01/2017.

No, we are secure in the knowledge that we have created the best country on earth

ausblue 08/01/2017.

LOL :) thats rubbish..they stole a loaf of bread or apple cause they were hungry..and besides none of my ancestors were convicts ..and many aussie people are same as me ..with no convict ancestors

Fizzy Bubbler Can't Be Stopped! 08/01/2017.

Everyone seems to be proud of where they come from, but the fact is, modern living Australians have nothing in common with the original settlers be it good or bad. Just as Americans have nothing in common with the indentured slaves (criminals) or religious fanatics that wanted to marry their cousins that populated America. I never understand how anyone can say they're proud of their race or country. It's just attempting to appropriate the successes of others like you had something to do with it. Odd.

Brigalow Bloke 08/01/2017.


Are white Americans embarrassed that everybody in the world, except white Americans, knows that their ancestors were criminals dumped on the 13 Colonies by the British and on Louisiana by the French?

Dj2541 08/01/2017.

Are you embarrassed that your knowledge of history is entirely lacking. There were free settlers and of course all the Europeans(white) who settled here after WW2 would take offence at your stupid statement.

armouror 08/01/2017.

Are white Americans embarrassed that everybody in the world knows that their ancestors were criminals dumped on America

No Much like us Australian Proud of our heritage you do Know South Australia and Victoria never took Convicts from the UK

Daniel 08/01/2017.

and they still turned out better than all the other coloured nations. Even our worst criminals banded together to form a more functional and free country than any black person could ever make xD

Dale Cooper 08/01/2017.

No , we are more embarrassed of current welfare dependant Tax Robbers who claim to have won a war and chauffeured the Queen and a Loony who is obese and lazy.

Kate 08/01/2017.

Please get your facts right. Yes, a number of us have British based Convict Ancestors, many sent here for very trivial crimes but many Brits came here of their own accord because they saw huge opportunities to make money and do well - farming, business, gold rush etc. The Brits in chage made some of the issues worse by the way, with thier treatment of people (including child convicts as young as 10 years old). Also not all the Convicts were white English people, many were from African and other nations ( I had a West Indian Convict in my family). Oh, BTW I am proud of what they achieved once here.

Round Eyes™ ® 08/01/2017.

england keep all the real crooks only bread thieves and pick pockets were sent here

D J 08/01/2017.

Not all Australians are descended from the criminal population.

Jill 08/01/2017.

The short answer is no. BTW not all "white" Australians are the descendants of convicts.

Emily 08/01/2017.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Most of the "criminals" transported to America or Australia were guilty of being poor and not paying their bills. England jailed paupers- had workhouses where they forced them into labor, or they sent them off to a colony.

juli 08/01/2017.

Is this from an ábo or a göok?

Matt 08/01/2017.

not really

bethel 08/01/2017.

thats corrrrect

zafir 08/01/2017.

And what about all the Americans who are descended from British convicts transported to that country before the War of Independence meant a new country needed to be found! Odd that Amerucans avoid all discussion this issue.

Yorrik 08/01/2017.

On the contrary, Australians are proud of their ancestors who were 'transported' to Australia from England.

We need to keep in mind that quite often people were transported for what we would now consider to be such petty crimes as to even be unworthy of a court attendance.

Back in the day however, a person could be hanged for stealing a lump of coal.

Transportation to Australia
[ Link ]

More on those transported
[ Link ]

old timer 08/01/2017.

no we're not embarrassed, we class it as a badge of honour if you ancestor's were convicts, unfortunately I couldn't find one, my ancestors were boring farmers who came to Australia in the early 1800s.

If you think you're embarrassing us or insulting us by asking this question, than you're wasting you time, it's not going to happen

Pipi Røvhul 08/01/2017.

the terrorists have won