Do you like Harry Pooter?

Anonymous 08/13/2017. 53 answers
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SRB101 07/30/2017.

Honestly, I struggled for a month just to make it through the first novel, swore I wouldn't pick up another, and I LOVE to read! In comparison, I flew through all four Twilight books in less time.

CECIL W 07/30/2017.

Never read....just could not believe the hype....felt as though a corporation put it together....not just one lone author.

99ja99 07/30/2017.

Yes but it's a little overrated when series like A Song of Ice and Fire exist

Uhhuhya 07/30/2017.

I prefer Harry Pooper

Mehdi 07/30/2017.

i can't stand this kind of movies.

shrayan 07/30/2017.

I have read all the novel of harry potter author name J. K. Rowling

pianoman 07/30/2017.

It's Potter. I can take him or leave him.

Scooby 07/30/2017.

Welp, I've never watched the movies nor read the books. I have no desire for that series.

ralpha 07/30/2017.

i love harry potter

Reyna 07/30/2017.

Well for one, yes I do love HARRY POTTER and not Harry Pooter...

DAVID 07/30/2017.

No,but I do like Harry POTTER.

Adam 07/30/2017.

Yes I like It.

Julie 07/30/2017.

I love Harry Potter. I've read the books multiple times, attend Harry Potter Festivals, and play in Harry Potter trivia contests. I guess you could say I'm a superfan. 😁

Sofina 07/30/2017.

yes i love harry potter so much i read the books when i was only 8 years old! Smashing hit, love JK Rowling!

Jugram Haschwalth 07/30/2017.

Yes I am a fan of the Harry Potter series.

Jacques 08/06/2017.

I have never read. I prefer philosophy but they must be interesting to attract as much attention as it has

Soviet 07/30/2017.

I got my soymilk pregnant

banquethallhamilton 07/30/2017.

Yes, i like that series of movies.

Danny 07/30/2017.


Lucifer Morningstar 07/30/2017.

No but I like Harry Potter.

xxxcxx 07/30/2017.

Wasn't allowed to watch it by my parents bahaha

DK49 07/30/2017.

I don't know a "Pooter".

〆DaViD〆ЦЛDξRTΔKΞR〆 07/30/2017.

Yes I like the movies, but I've never read the books.

CAB 07/30/2017.

It's a good poopcorn movie

Hercules 07/30/2017.

It's average as a story but very imaginative

Sarah 07/30/2017.

"Yer a turd, Harry"

When Harry Pooter ends up in the toliet bowl, he gets flushed away into a place with other turds like him, and makes new friends such as, Hermione Greenpoop, and Ronald Queasy on their journey to defeat the evil diarrhea who must not be named. It's book series includes

Harry Pooter and the Fecalith Stone

Harry Pooter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets

Harry Pooter and the Prisoner of Toilet Paper

And Many more!

Isaac M 07/30/2017.

I think so

Sarah 07/30/2017.

Yes, but he's a little "smelly". He farts too much... I think he's lactose intolerant or something

starplunep 07/30/2017.

It's OK, but I've never read it.

Geek93 07/30/2017.

Yes but you spelt it wrong it's Harry Potter not Harry Pooter.

James 07/30/2017.

I have never read any of the books but I know how the ending will turn out.

The good guys win

Cogito 07/30/2017.

Asking again? And you still haven't learned how to spell 'Potter'?

Yes - I love the books and the films.

Charlene Gosling 07/30/2017.

No, its almost as bad as Larry Trotter.

? 07/30/2017.

Not that much

Nightshade.R6 07/30/2017.


Anonymous 07/30/2017.

I've never read it. The actor is cute.

The_Doc_Man 07/30/2017.

Harry Pooter? Oh, I don't know... he's got a certain air about him.

Jay P 07/30/2017.

"Harry Pooter"? Never met him nor have I heard of this fella.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

I never seen any movies of it

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

No, but I hear your mommy LOVES a "Hairy Pooter"

Zara 08/06/2017.

love to much

Ayanna 07/30/2017.

Better than spoiled percy Jackson.

jahir 07/30/2017.

Yes i like is Harry pooter.

Navianna 07/30/2017.

WHAT. are you seriously suggesting that there are people out that DONT like Harry Potter?!?!! like duh, its the best thing ever!

Siena 07/30/2017.

hes an oppresive bourgouis elitest and constantly stepping on the hard work and achievements of Malfoy

julie 07/30/2017.

Never read it or watched it

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

No; not my cup of tea.

helena 07/30/2017.

Yes I like Harry Potter .

Uryu Ishida 08/06/2017.

Obviously. I have read all the books.

Jan 07/30/2017.

well I think you spelled that wrong but I have never read Harry Pooter OR Harry Potter, my grandson read a few pages of it and I told him to stop, I am not "INTO" all that , to me its junk for the mind...but that is me and my opinion and I have a right to my opinion too

Dilbert 07/30/2017.

Haha yes he and Ron Peesley are always getting into trouble and then their friend Dumblewhore has to help them out with Hermione Grunger sometimes too lololol!

Sapphire 07/30/2017.

not amazing but quite good

Gert 07/30/2017.

I love Harry Potter.