Did you know the first person in space was White? How do you feel about that?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 47 answers
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Truth 08/06/2017.

it was white privilege. he got there on the backs of thousands of black phd astro physicists and black aeronautical engineers. in other words, RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalico 07/30/2017.

And what is the significance of the first person's ethnic/racial make-up? I don't care, never thought of it and I still don't care nor thing about such nonsensical excreta.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Yes Yuri Gargarin was white.

John Glen reached the outer atmosphere.

richmck 07/30/2017.

Never gave it a thought! Just like the first animal was a dog...chimp or the similar...

Never gave it a thought.

Did you..? And why???

Does it really matter..?


Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Blacks probably fantasized about riding his big white c0ck.

viablerenewables 07/30/2017.

Why is the LEFT so interested in packages while is total oblivious of the need for wisdom?

staisil 07/30/2017.

Race is not the issue. The issue is who is the most qualified at the time of a specific mission.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

No one has ever been in space. It's all fake.

truth seeker 07/30/2017.

why would I consider the color of a an astronauts skin? seems it would bother you if that person wasn't white. Why is that?

Joe Mac 07/30/2017.

Yes and every person who has ever stepped on the moon was white and the people behind the scenes were also white, the movie Hidden Figures is not a true story contrary to what they claimed.

HaeRay 07/30/2017.

I sure did, but I don't have any particular feeling/s about it because that aspect of the matter strikes me as quite trivial.

To the author, "Is this question one of those "Click Bate" sort of things?

Jose 07/30/2017.

Who cares

Yaw Jian fong 07/30/2017.

Yes, I do, and it is not a big deal to me, because that was just one successful person during his age.

Cam 07/30/2017.

Yuri Gagarin was an Eastern European and a communist, like the majority of Soviet citizens. The Soviet Union accomplished most of the space "firsts", including sending the first woman and the first Black person into space as well. The Soviet Union actually did a massive international program meant to increase the diversity, in terms of race, ethnicity, and nationality of participants in its cosmonaut programs. People from all over the world participated. I am happy and proud about the successes of the Soviet space program.

? 07/30/2017.

I don't give 2 craps about that! He is human we are all the same! It's like asking if you ok with one of usa's presidents being brunette or blonde and what you would rather prefer!

EIEIO 07/30/2017.

Laika was the first dog in space. Do dogs have racial identity?

Leo 07/30/2017.

Yeah, it was a grand conspiracy on the part of the white devil slave masters to expand their racism into outer space.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

We would have known if it was a black man...... Ya know? The contrast?

Sandy 07/30/2017.

Considering that white person was beaten into space by a dog and chimps, what should I feel about it ?

Periferalist 08/06/2017.

Yes, and who cares, except for the Russians?

banquethallhamilton 07/30/2017.

I am not sure.

Servus 07/30/2017.

Those pesky Russians beat us to space.

Vinicius Moura 07/30/2017.

The first man to step in the Moon's story is a Farse

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Noan has ever travelled to space. The earth is flat.

Richard 07/30/2017.

What a stupid question. Give me a break! Get a life. rkl

? 07/30/2017.

How do you know a person went to space? was you there? -_-

Maria 07/30/2017.

What does it matter if they're white?

Mother Hubbard 07/30/2017.

send them all if you like

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

It bothers the sh*t out of non whites and leftists.

Shawn, the white house was designed by a White man.

poornakumar b 08/06/2017.

He was human like me.

TexHabs 07/30/2017.

How'd you determine that despite wearing a blue mask?

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Best place for them?

Did you know that the first person in paradise was almost certainly black?

How does THAT feel?

Predominantly white people seem to have invented making an absolute and utter fool of yourself on the internet. How does THAT feel too?

White girls utter fools Asian guys?

surfagirl 07/30/2017.

Did you know the first homo sapien was Black? How do you feel about that?

Anonymous 07/30/2017.


Jhalin 07/30/2017.

No one cares!! How do you feel about that๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’..

Guru Hank 07/30/2017.

Wrong. He was a chimpanzee.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Blacks would win this if they'd finally admit they're lower level primates. But again, I guess you said Person.

Truu 07/30/2017.

false now die as juu porrnstars tan for my skin n juu white skin bitjch lusts my ppls brown skin

peel juu lyk an orange peel

I will sacrifice a sellout in front of juu....family or not it doesn't matter..It is just to show juu pussii humans how we roll...

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

It only makes sense, if he was black he would have disappeared.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

I really don't give a tin fart one way or the other.

Mikhail Faustin 07/30/2017.

Yes and he was a russian Communist you probably feel stupid now.

Tommy Vercetti 07/30/2017.

Yuri Gagarin was a Russian Communist how do you feel about that?

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

First person in space was Russian. Question was how Americans felt about it,

Noah 07/30/2017.

Uri Gaugan, a Russian was part Asian on his mother's side.

Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Naw, the Black moors and Black Egytians were in space first. Y'all just brainwashed by the White man.

Boston 07/30/2017.

I honestly do not care

Montana 07/30/2017.

He was also a communist. How do you feel about that?