Would you vote for Michelle Obama for President?

Anonymous 08/19/2017. 77 answers
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CECIL W 07/29/2017.

This question asked before and we said NO. She is much too smart for this one. Whooosh!

beautifulndn 07/29/2017.

Depends on who her opponent is. Since I'm conservative, most likely I won't.

Manveer 07/29/2017.



Anonymous 07/29/2017.

Maybe. She sounds more normal than Trump.Smarter too.

sasuke 07/29/2017.

I am not a criminal

Anonymous 07/29/2017.

She is a racist of the highest degree. Try and get a copy of her Dissertation and read the vile language against "whitey". It was online for about 2 days.

Jean 07/29/2017.

It depends. I know that she is a patriot who supports the Constitution that was crafted by our forefathers. She does not use hatred to turn all of us against one another for stupid excuses such as the color of our skin or because of the house of worship we attend. She doesn't believe in kicking our elderly out of nursing homes or depriving people who must live with crhonic pain and illness off of their medications and away from medical help. She doesn't dismiss science in favor of corporate profits when it comes to our environment. She supports women's access to healthcare and contraception and is against rape and domestic violence against women and children.

But, I am not sure of her foreign policy experience. Even though she has traveled all around the world with her husband and has met many of the foreign heads of state, this does not make her a statesman herself. Nonetheless, she has certainly got the right values. The people she would choose as cabinet members would be good solid choices. They are the ones who advise the President. I would love to see a bright woman with a clear moral compass become the leader of the free world!

out2lunch4now2 07/29/2017.

Not on a bet. Not on a dare. Not if she ran unopposed, I had to vote, and couldn't write in my own name. Not with a loaded gun to my head. That is to say, "HELL NO!"

MKultra 07/29/2017.

What qualifications does she have? How ridiculous.

jasoniscarl 07/29/2017.

If Obama didn't change anything, what makes you think Michelle would?

happy jack 07/29/2017.


J 07/29/2017.

I wouldn't even vote for her for dog catcher.

Cynthia 07/29/2017.

My first reaction to the question was hell no! But then I thought how perfect a fit she'd be with all the rest of the democrat dumbasses.

Re Vera 07/29/2017.

Depends on her policy plans and who else was running. I probably would not support her in a primary race, but if it was her versus Trump Jr. in the general election, I'd pick her in a heartbeat.

Arjun 07/29/2017.

It depends on what policies and initiatives she puts forth, and how they compare to her opponent. Those will determine whether or not I would vote for her, whether in the primaries, and/or the general election.

? 07/29/2017.

No. I do not agree with her policies and stands on issues. I think that a woman President is possible in the future, but that Michelle Obama is not the right woman for the job.

Cccccccccccccccjjjjjjjjjj 07/29/2017.

Will not be my first choice but yeah

? 07/29/2017.

It depends on what she stands for and who she'd be running against.

William 07/29/2017.

Nah. I'd vote for Carter's sister, the one who posed for Playboy.

We should vote Hefner President and turn the White House into Playboy Mansion # 2.

Vinegar Taster 07/29/2017.

I'd vote for Yoko Ono first ...

Scooby 07/29/2017.

I'm still not eligible to vote but when I am, NO! She would be the same thing as having Barack in office.

scott b 07/29/2017.

no way

? 07/29/2017.

Yes. She's intellectually qualified.

Asia 07/29/2017.

Of course

Erica 07/29/2017.

I am not 18 therefor I cannot vote, but if you are saying theoretically if I was 18 in the 2016 election and Michelle Obama was campaigning against president trump I would pick Michelle Obama. What about Hillary against Michelle Obama?

Drago 07/29/2017.

A woman has no place a president because they would not have the stomach for war if it came to it.Besides what qualifications does she have.

Amna Malik 07/29/2017.

yea sure

? 07/29/2017.


Tootoy 07/29/2017.

She's not interested in politics.

GREGGIE 07/29/2017.

I like Michelle...she's got more class, than the entire GOP, put together

Jeff 07/29/2017.

Heck no!

Lisa M 07/29/2017.

I would, but I'm Canadian. We did have a female prime minister once - for about 5 minutes. Then, they forced her out. Haven't had one since.

BlakLuv_06!! 07/29/2017.

Yes, in a heartbeat!

She's compassionate, smart, and very intelligent... aaand she knows politics!

SHE could also help heal the world, with her kind, loving heart!

The only ppl who dont like her are the racist bafoons lol

Besides, we need someone intelligent in office, ASAP.

M Shahid 07/29/2017.

"And her qualifications are that she let a president plow her? Was she innoculated with the ability to be President?"

Zack 07/29/2017.

If Trump was her opponent, yes.

Janet S 07/29/2017.

It's a moot point.

(A) 07/29/2017.


Const. King 07/29/2017.

I would vote for Charles Manson first.

Sam 07/29/2017.

She's too good a person and a citizen to become president. She deserves better.

Tad Dubious 07/29/2017.

dot, if she was the best choice available, yes. It would all depend on the circumstances at the time.

Cleo 07/29/2017.

She would be a 1000 x better than the current president but there are more qualified people. But she would not be bad I don't think.

Common Sense 07/29/2017.

Hell NO!! A Hillary Clinton wanna be, she is not.

jes 07/29/2017.

Of course I would, also because Obama is her husband, she will have a great guider by her side.

Forward 07/29/2017.

I think Carly Florina is better.

fatboysdaddy 07/29/2017.

No and ten thousand times no.

Former SSgt.

blackjiggs 07/29/2017.

No I can't stand that dude.

Roberto 07/29/2017.

Yes, she will be the next president woman

Mr. Wizard 07/29/2017.


Michelle Obama is just as---if not MORE so than Barack was AND still is---politically INCOMPETENT to run for POTUS. It'd be like begging for America to power slide down from bad to worse.

Ryan 07/29/2017.

I would, she is a good person.

Hurricain 07/29/2017.

Michelle Obama in 2008: "Today, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be an American"

Vote for her for President? Of the United States of America? Are you out of your MIND?

Mr.Longrove 07/29/2017.

No! If I didn't vote for her husband why would I vote for her?

MIKE L 07/29/2017.

No , She is a hater

vulcan_alex 07/29/2017.

No as far as I can tell she is not competent to do the job and has stated she does not want the position.

Izzy 07/29/2017.

yeah if i politically aligned with her as an individual, separate from her husband

Anonymous 07/29/2017.

No we already had a black man in the white house and look what happened.

yconnor6 07/29/2017.

Not really and Im british so i wouldn't have been able to vote anyways

Stephanie 07/29/2017.

Yes I would

izzy 07/29/2017.

YES! I would call people for her, donate to the campaign, and go door to door canvasing! But for now, Elizabeth Warren 2020!

Anonymous 07/29/2017.

Nope, I'm not going to be voting for men like him anymore, we need a woman president!

Slade Cutter Whips Quiet Riot 07/29/2017.

Not in a million years.

RUKiddingtoo 07/29/2017.

God no!

Fred 07/29/2017.

Don't vote for someone just because she took a crap in the White House. NO qualifications for the job and she is a black racist against white people.

Bony Iommi 07/29/2017.

The only thing I'd vote Michelle Obama for is to be shipped out on an iceberg.

black crow 07/29/2017.

Tarzan, un-gow-ah!

Michele K 07/29/2017.

Nobody knows. I think she would be better than Trump, Bush junior and Hilary Clinton. But then again it is not difficult.

Fabio 07/29/2017.

Hail NO!

Jim2 07/29/2017.

I'd pick her over Trump, any day.

LAURA 07/29/2017.


Proud Deplorable 07/29/2017.

No, one Obama was enough

mayasoph 07/29/2017.

hells yeah

Steven 07/29/2017.

I would vote for Bill Cosby if she were his running mate

sajib 07/29/2017.

100% right

Ronnie 07/29/2017.


Mir Quasem 07/29/2017.

If no suitable contestant is available.

tessera 07/29/2017.

She has already been anointed

Anonymous 07/29/2017.

Not a chance. In what way is she qualified?

Kitty 2 07/29/2017.

Heck NO.