Why do murderers think that eating meat is okay?

Carlos 08/14/2017. 39 answers
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Joshua 05/14/2017.

For the same reasons that non-murderers think it's okay. We are omnivores by genetics and we need animal fats in our diets. Also, stop being such a gay pussy!

Anonymous 05/14/2017.

Why do vegan pus*ies think abortion is women's rights and executions are a violation of human rights??

Lane 05/14/2017.

Why do murderers think they are not murderers

John 05/14/2017.

Troll alertšŸ˜£

Cousin 05/14/2017.

They are de-sensitised to the Sensitive Energy.

Athena 05/14/2017.

I would think that of ALL people murderers would think eating meat is okay.

They kill anyway.

Not a lot of Vegan murderers.

TheReaper 05/14/2017.

Huh? Did you know that growing your own food can be just as bad for the land and animals. By the way, Jesus ate meat. Are lions evil? Because they eat meat, and they usually end up catching the weak/sick/young. It is just the circle of life. (I am against treating your animals like crap, even if they are just there to be food.)

James 05/14/2017.

I know right? We should go out and shoot all the wolves and leopards for all the animals they kill and eat. And Sharks, and Orca, and Lions, and Cats, and Alligators, and Bears, and Snakes, and Eagles, and Owls... there are probable more animals that eat other animals and they should be stopped at all costs, right?

heart o' gold 05/14/2017.

You talking about Hannibal? I'd say that is more suited to the social sciences section... Or maybe news and events.

caleb 05/14/2017.

Are all of these idiotic questions written by the same person, or are there multiple people who are this stupid?

RAT M 05/14/2017.

I ' murdered ' this and its VERY Tasty !

tonyflair2002 05/14/2017.

That sounds OFFAL to me. I think someone is telling PORKY pies. Tell the truth, do not MINCE your words.

Just CHICKEN out of this. STEAK your claim NOW.

Just off to the see my butcher to find out why does a SAUSAGE ROLL. Is it because he saw an APPLE TURNOVER.

Zak 05/14/2017.


Nosmo 05/14/2017.

The same reason non-murderers think it is, I would guess.

Logos Lore 05/14/2017.

It's okay because it's legal and it's a diet for most murders and non-murders alike.

Groovy_Unicorn 05/14/2017.

Because eating meat is perfectly fine

Anonymous 05/14/2017.

Don't be silly. Grow up!

Lacy555 05/14/2017.

If you'll check in the Bible God told people to eat meat.

D J 05/14/2017.

Jeffery Dahmer thought it was ok.

mokrie 05/14/2017.

Wow, you sound psychotic..

David 05/14/2017.

Because meat tastes good. People typically do not label themselves as murderers.

sicarius 05/14/2017.

Probably the same reason non-murderers do.

Define murder, dipshit

Apollenaire 05/14/2017.

Because it is.

Mark 05/14/2017.

Early childhood development, and thats a fact!

No Summertime 05/14/2017.

I wish I could murder your mother for having an idiot of a son like yourself!

the 05/14/2017.

animals or humans?

Filipo 05/14/2017.

Please, for the love of god, go and see a doctor because you are starting to become a mentally insane person who has no business telling meat eaters what to do.

Timbo is here 05/14/2017.

For the exact same reason that the vast majority of people who are not murderers think that eating meat is OK.

Because Humans have evolved in such a way that to have a balanced nutritious diet an amount of meat is required. This is as fundamental as our need to eat an amount of cooked food to ensure good nutrition.

Its just evolution and it can only be changed very slowly over a great number of millennia.

Chris 05/14/2017.

All animals kill other meat to stay alive.

yet-knish! 05/14/2017.

The same reason non-murderers think that eating meat is okay.

Blade 05/14/2017.

Hahaha nice one

feral 05/14/2017.

why don't you go preach that vegan shite to the lions, tigers and bears who eat meat. or every animal that is not a herbivore. when will you vegans get it into your dull brains that humans are animals same as they are?

Doc 05/14/2017.

Cuz that's how nature meant it to be.

XmacexcelX 05/14/2017.

Does cutting down a tree make eating vegetables wrong?

Anonymous 05/14/2017.

Aw, look. it's another high school dropout.

KingsChair1000 05/14/2017.

Cause it is we can do whatever we want. What makes you think we can't? That's crazy.

Rick 05/14/2017.

Because it is

That's a fact whether you like it or not

Anonymous 05/14/2017.

I am not a murderer, I eat meat, along with around 90% of others. Slaughter of animals for food is legitimate, as we are naturally omnivores, vegetarianism is a choice, not a choice I intend to make. Will be enjoying some LOVELY cold ham for lunch today with a clear conscience, The slaughter of farm animals, or catching of fish or shooting of game id harvestinh of food crops just like the harvesting of vegetables,ffruit and grains.

Anonymous 05/14/2017.

Plants are alive.