Do you have any scars?

Heart Stone 08/17/2017. 15 answers
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15 Answers

Ben. 05/17/2017.

Just one, on my right wrist. And hardly it noticeable.

Believer 05/17/2017.

Unfortunately yess..

Pauly W 05/17/2017.

Yes near my scrotum, when I had surgery when I was 5

Sandra 05/17/2017.

Only mental

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

just on my heart from Dyan C.

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

enough that i sparkle in black light as if covered in glitter.

Hollis 05/17/2017.

A few very minor ones.

ella 05/17/2017.

Yes, several surgical scars plus scars from being an idiot.

Nicole 05/17/2017.

i do on my chest from open heart surgery

Let the past make you better not bitter 05/17/2017.

Yes, lots.

Sahab 05/17/2017.

No.i don't have any scars

BarfingWhale 05/17/2017.

many from work. when the hot oil splashes on my skin it creates boils which eventually pop due to something rubbing up against it and then as they heal they create scars. i got a lot of these burns on my arms right now that are still healing. people probably think i do drugs or something that caused them but no it's just burns. sometimes it's not even oil but sugar thats hot as fk and when it sticks to your skin it really hurts

TheCreepyStache 05/17/2017.

Lol... yes. I've been burned, stabbed and I've broken just about everything.

💖💓𝕯𝒂𝓷𝒊 05/17/2017.

Yes, from surgery.

Matt85 05/17/2017.