Are you the one you want?

applemags 08/17/2017. 11 answers
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11 Answers

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

I hope so its the only one I have

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

I would like to find my identical twin if I have one so that I can be as if with me...who is exactly like me or as far as possible!

ᴰᴼᴷᴵᴰᴼᴷᴵ 05/17/2017.

No. The one I want is usually out of reach.

I tamed the beast 05/17/2017.

We should all love ourselves!

Jillian 05/17/2017.

No people don't make me out to be the way they act sometimes

HollyPaw 05/17/2017.

I was born with myself,to be myself..All*..were.

You came into this world,with yourself,and all*..

will leave,with their self,as well. ~*

sundeep9732 05/17/2017.

I'm one in world population

? 05/17/2017.

no, I'm not

O.o 05/17/2017.

I guess. I'll take me.

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

Yes I am. I'm greased lightening

Tony 05/17/2017.

I am my own spouse