Are you having trouble sleeping ?

I tamed the beast 05/09/2017. 7 answers
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7 Answers

Let the past make you better not bitter 04/22/2017.

Pretty much every night

Charles 04/22/2017.

never never

Psi Medium 04/22/2017.

I've *always* had insomnia, even as a kid. If I earned $1 for every hour I've spent staring at a dark ceiling, I'd be living in Tahiti now.

Michael 04/22/2017.

to have normal sleep, pray to ur guardian angel before/after sleep. sleep fully clothed in at least one layer. walk clothed in at least two layers. forgive me.

Vlad 04/22/2017.

Yes. I always do. I'll probably just drink until I vomit and black out on my floor. That helps to sleep.

Mr. Sloth 04/22/2017.

Yep, have had insomnia for years now.

Photographylover 04/22/2017.

No, it is not night-time here. It is 3:45 in the afternoon on Tuesday here. However, when I do sleep I don't have any trouble.