Alcoholism and Bipolar run in my mother's family. How do these mental illnesses run genetically in families?

Anonymous 08/18/2017. 8 answers
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Precious 05/18/2017.

There is a genetic component in Bipolar persons. “According to some scientific studies,” says the American Medical Association, “immediate family members—parents, siblings, or children—of people with bipolar depression are 8 to 18 times more likely than the close relatives of healthy people to develop the illness.

Scientists have discovered several genes that seem to influence one’s reaction to alcohol. However, genetic factors are not the only ones in alcoholism. Even if some people do have a certain genetic predisposition, dependence is not inevitable. Environmental components are involved. Poor parenting, alcohol abuse in the home or by peers, situations involving conflict, emotional difficulties, depression, aggressiveness, thrill seeking, high resistance to alcohol’s effects, or addiction to another substance have all been cited as risk factors. These and other elements open the way for dependence.

MissBabyangel 05/18/2017.

i used to drink ALOT and often like i d drink a 12 pack of busch or budweiser 3 or 4 times a week :( it really felt like i was in a utopia when i was drunk like ALL my problems / stuff bothering me WAS GONE i quit finally when it caught up to my healht . alcoholism is in my genes too my great grandparents on mom s side died from alcohol all my uncles on mom s side of the family are drunkards too ahah a few years ago when i used to drink alot i was at work at the time one of mom s brother s came over i had a 6 pack of budweiser 16 oz beers in the fridge he helped himself and drank all 6 of them . that really really pis*ed me off! ahah i had some busch in there too but that f***er didnt touch the busch! ahaha

? 05/18/2017.

Same as in my family. I can't really drink much otherwise the next day it triggers off something in me really bad depression. It's all genetics :)

b a 05/18/2017.

See cience

aygurl 05/18/2017.

alcoholism is not genetic. I'm bipolar, got it from my dad, my brother didn't. Just happens.

Michael 05/18/2017.

sinz transfer thru blood. the only way to defeat this is to drink blood of Jesus in orthodox church. forgive me.

jack534 05/18/2017.

There is a generational tie that trescends

petrof_skinsky 05/18/2017.

Science hasn't figured that out yet -- but there does seem to be some kind of genetic connection between blood relations.