Getting married soon he's my only lover the girls tell me to have a fling before to make sure he's the one?

Anonymous 08/17/2017. 11 answers
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I do wonder what other men are like in bed but can't cheat They keep egging me on to try another before the wedding saying I'm niaive and will regret it later

11 Answers

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

Your damned if you do, your damned if you dont.

I am me 05/17/2017.

Don't listen to your friends. Wish I had waited for my husband.

robert x 05/17/2017.

they are right, but what if thing comes to mind after youve tried another guy , what if he is much better and you enjoy it more?. you then have to decide whether you continue with the wedding on the basis of poor sex.. if you then dont get married how many other guys you going to have to try out to find one that rings your bell all the time.. itsnot easy and sometimes its better not to know things.

Dick 05/17/2017.

In later years, you will regret the things you did NOT do, more than the things you did, that were not too smart. Listen to your friends. Have more than one fling. If you don't, you WILL regret it.

boj 05/17/2017.

You may regret not doing it later but those girls are not your friends. Friends would never encourage another friend to cheat especially before their marriage. Sex doesnt make him the one, your head & heart does.

Kenzie 05/17/2017.

Your friends are giving you some very bad advice.

Lacy 05/17/2017.

Your "friends" are giving you terrible advice. The kind of thing they are encouraging you to do are the very things that can cause you a divorce later on down the road when your husband discovers what happened. These kinds of things always have a way of coming out. You seriously need to tell these people that if they want to be supportive and celebrate your happiness with you, they are more than welcome, but if they are going to encourage you to do something very stupid that could cost you your happiness, then they needn't even show up to your wedding. They don't sound like the kinds of friends you need to have around. You should surround yourself with people who are positive, supportive, and who have better morals.

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

I married my first love and had doubts it took 8 years then I cheated, I wish I had done it before we married He never found out but I do treasure that memory it was different better exciting and lustful and I got it out of my system

Don't listen to prudes if you really are curious take a lover BEFORE you marry and have fun!

Faith 05/17/2017.

"the girls"? I think you mean friends. Sounds to me like you need need friends because is a horrible thing for them to tell you to do and I'm surprised you even have to ask.

Voodoo 05/17/2017.

Don't do it. Don't listen to them. It is a horrible thing to do to yourself and your future husband. Don't do it.

RP 05/17/2017.

Ignore them. Be true to your intended and to yourself. Anything else is asking for real problems.