My parents are flying on Friday and flying back the following Wednesday and I'm scared they're going to die in a plane crash help?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 6 answers
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They're flying on Southwest airlines and I'm really scared they're playing my crash I don't know what I'll do if they die. I have to going to foster care? I'm really scared please help they just laughed and said planes don't crash when I told him not to go. Planes to crash I've seen...

6 Answers

Anonymous 05/20/2017.

Planes don't crash, it is cars you have to worry about

Pearl L 05/20/2017.

i wouldnt worry about it, cars are so much more dangerous than planes

rick29148 05/20/2017.

You are safer on a U.S.-flagged carrier inside the U.S. then you are walking down a sidewalk near your house.

Kelly 05/20/2017.

First of all, there is a really slim chance your parents' plane will crash (odds are one in 11million), so you do not have to fear about it. Sometimes when I take planes I scare it is going to crash but I am still alive. My dad goes on business trips every year and take planes often but he hasn't witnessed a plane crashing yet. Second, if you really fear it happening, make sure to tell your parents that you love them so you won't regret it later. Third, you really need to seek professional help like a pyschologist if you are panicking over something that will probably not happen. Please don't stress yourself out when there is close to impossible for a plane to crash. I hope this resolves your fears and have a great day!

Jack 05/20/2017.

Just last month there was an interesting program on TV about the extensive worldwide support network that makes certain that all of the thousands of aircraft that are in flight at any given time arrive safely.

The pilots, the air traffic controllers, the ground crews, the airport maintenance staff, and the weathermen are all highly trained, and most of them have years of experience.

The main reason you hear about accidental crashes is because they are so rare. Far more people perish in automobile accidents, per mile of travel, than lose their lives in airliner crashes. Driving to the airport and back are probably the more dangerous parts of a trip, but few people worry very much about that.

You can entertain yourself with disaster scenarios if you wish, and even make preliminary plans if the worst should happen. Or you can get on the Internet and do some research about air travel and the systems in place to make it so safe.

mokrie 05/20/2017.

Wow, you really need to see a doctor and get on some medication.