Who takes the lead - Leo or Scorpio?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 6 answers
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In a Leo/Scorpio relationship. Regardless the genders because I am no sexist!!! Just wondering cause both have such dominant personalities and strong presences. But there is also an extreme attraction between the two.

6 Answers

venusguru 05/20/2017.

I'm going with Scorpio because in relationships Leos get really soft and warm as long as you give them attention and affection. For Scorpios the entire process of falling in love is a power struggle against being vulnerable.

GibBas 05/20/2017.

Probably the one with the strongest Mars; their Sun signs don't really come into it. Remember, just because one of them doesn't seem to be "boss" doesn't necessarily mean they're not. They may be perfectly content to let the other one get on with it until - ?

Anonymous 05/20/2017.

Scorpios are feminine, Leos are masculine. However in this context, they both have leadership qualities. Leo is bossy and straightforward.. yet broad, warm, considerate and will always want to show their confidence and guide others. Scorpio is demanding, powerful, influential, alluring, intimidating, magnetic, and commanding. They both have leadership qualities, but I feel that Scorpio may have more of a chance to take the lead, since they are so magnetic. However, leos are also irresistible and you feel a sense of righteousness when around them.

Anonymous 05/20/2017.

Leo woman/Scorpio man - Scorpio man takes the lead

Leo man/Scorpio woman - Leo man takes the lead

Anonymous 05/20/2017.

So being biased with gender is bad, while being biased with a calendar is good?

mrkittykins2003 05/20/2017.

Remember the Elton John song Circle of Life? Generally though, Leo is the king of the zodiac.