Is it ok to put deodorant on my circumcised penis so it doesn't stink?

Anonymous 08/17/2017. 8 answers
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I've been circumcised since birth. Am I supposed to shower?

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Prof Moriarty 05/17/2017.

I use shampoo on mine, when I shower. It does not stink. I am 50. If shampo would cause any harm, then my penis would have fallen off years ago.

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

Must be an American thing

Roddy 05/17/2017.

You should be taking a shower or bath at least daily to clean the whole of your body including your penis. You at least have the advantage that there is no foreskin to have to pull back to clean under, so washing the whole of your penis and genitls is a simple part of overall washing.

Do not use deodorant on your genitals as the alcohol in it can sting quite badly. If you've washed properly you shouldn't need it anyway!

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

Are you talking about your 6" smelly uncircumcised dick?

bender_xr217 05/17/2017.

You should be showering daily, washing yourself from head to toe... including your penis and other "nether regions".

Do not put deodorant or antiperspirant on your penis.

You can however use it in your armpits and maybe a tad on that area between your penis and belly button but if you shower daily you'll only really need it in your pits.

dewey 05/17/2017.

i wouldnt it might irritate it but yes you should shower

Garrett 05/17/2017.

Yes you are supposed to shower or bathe regularly and clean your penis. Do not put deodorant on it though.

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

Same question every single day.