I am suffering from child abuse , where to report it for proper action?

Acceptthedamnusername 08/17/2017. 6 answers
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I am 14 year old. So basically they are saying that I am spoiled and now they only give me $100 a week allowance, they are asking me to study and how dare they that I can't bring girls in my room. And They scold me everytime I swear. How the **** am I able to go through this for four more ******* year. I fell...

6 Answers

Philipthepale 05/17/2017.

Sounds, to me, like you need a proper beating to straighten you out...

Coach Simon 05/17/2017.

In the past few hours you claim to be fourteen, have three children including an eighteen year old son.

Pearl L 05/17/2017.

thats not abuse, theyre just being parents

Anonymous 05/17/2017.

If you're feeling suicidal you should call a hotline and then talk to a professional or someone you trust to make a plan of how to get proper treatment. Thoughts of suicide are very serious.

Orla C 05/17/2017.

Oh grow up you spoilt brat, that is not abuse.

Dawn 05/17/2017.

Child abuse?? seriously? We never gave our son 100. week any money he had he earned it. By mowing lawns and washing cars and doing work on people's flower beds.

You do not need to get some girl pregnant and have to pay child support the rest of your life or if she is under age you can go to jail for 10 years. Your a spoiled brat and need to go out and get a job. If you can't have your own way you want to kill yourself? REally?

What my sons did, get a camera and take pictures of things. Take care of the dog and try to learn how to fix a flat and work on the car. What if you get your drivers license and the can gets a flat? Can you change a flat? What about checking the gages. My sons had to change the oil, fill the places with brake fluid to A/C fluid. You got a lot to learn and you are not going to learn it chasing little girls.