Last year I did a massive solo hike, the Mrs donated zero towards it - This year, she's doing one, and has now just asked me for a donation?

Bernard 08/17/2017. 5 answers
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I did a solo hike last year, close to 300 miles in aid of charity - and it was tough
The Mrs kept on saying she'd donate this, or donate that....finally donating nothing. Not a sausage. Zip. Nada.
This year, she's doing a cumulative marathon walk (over a week, so nothing too much out of her way really),...

5 Answers

Herbert 05/17/2017.

Donate to it, but you do have to make a point of telling her that she didnt donate to your charity. Don't make a big issue of it, just slip it into the conversation, as it may have been an oversight on her part, or it could be that she's just a bich.

Papa 05/17/2017.

Be the better person and donate. Or do you want to be as bad as you make her out to be?

Rosalie 05/17/2017.

"The Mrs"?

The money she would donate is marital money, and therefore also yours.

These donations should be made in both your names.

zendall 05/17/2017.

Take the high road and give what you can .

Robsteriark 05/17/2017.

Are you looking to score points and add to marital strife or is setting a better example and making good on anything you pledge worth more for the sake of marital happiness?

The time to raise the issue of your wife not honouring any past pledges she made for your hike was last year. Digging it up now and raising a stink isn't going to help anyone.