How to buy condoms at 13?

Anonymous 08/13/2017. 5 answers
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I'm going around my girlfriends house and I know I'm too young but nonetheless things happen and if it does I want to be prepared.

5 Answers

Anonymous 04/13/2017.

visit a drug store and buy some condoms

abcdefg 04/13/2017.

planned parenthood have them for free..any clinic i believe

Happy Gramps 04/13/2017.

ask her dad....just before he brings out the belt to use on you, then calls 911

Rosalie 04/13/2017.

Yeah, well, don't bank on it.

You ready to be a father, are you?

Then keep it in your pants.

You should be able to ask this of your school nurse, or go to the local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist at the "consultation" part of the counter.

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YPBMFM 04/13/2017.

Go to the store pick up a box of condoms, pay the cashier for the condoms and leave the store. There is no age restriction when it comes to buying condoms. You are right, you are too young to be having sex yet but if you are going to engage in adult behavior, like having sex at least you are trying to do it somewhat safely.