I cooked tomato sauce in stainless steel for the first time due to reading about its nonreactive nature. Why does my sauce taste metallic?

Verelain 08/25/2017. 10 answers
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I have been using a nonstick pot before this but wanted to get away from this material. I have never had any issues with my tomato sauce tasting metallic so I was shocked when I taste-tested it, only to find a horrible strong metal taste.

The pans I bought are Cooks Standard from Amazon. Does anyone know why it...

10 Answers

Nana Lamb 04/25/2017.

It is not dangerous, but whatever the pans were coated with at the factory you didn't get scoured out very well and this gave your tomato sauce its metallic flavor.

Go back to your non stick pots and forget about what Dr Oz says is not good for us. I use cast iron which most CI enthusiasts say is a no no and Dr Oz screams about. But we do get a good iron charge from the tomato cooked in CI. NOT metallic unless the sauce sits in the CI more than an hour or two.

Nosehair 04/25/2017.

I suspect your pots are either very low quality stainless steel or they are not stainless steel. It's true the acid in the tomatoes draws the metalic taste out but that should not happen with good stainless steel.

Diane B. 04/25/2017.

"Stainless steel" also comes in various grades and qualities. You may just have gotten a lower-quality one since that shouldn't happen with higher-quality ones.

kswck2 04/25/2017.

The best pot to cook sauce in is a Dutch Oven-Ceramic coated, it doesn't leach any metallic taste into the sauce.

CrustyCurmudgeon 04/25/2017.

True high quality stainless steel is neutral, and no normal cooking ingredient will cause a taste reaction. If the pot wereclear of manufacturing residue, I'd look to the cans that the ingredients came in. Most of us have had that problem with cast aluminum, and who knows what leaches our of non-stick coatings, but I've had great result with cast iron, enameled cast iron and stainless.

gc girl 04/25/2017.

did you wash the pans thoroughly before using? some have a protective coating on them that needs to be washed off

katiya 04/25/2017.

Did you use canned tomatoes?

Verelain 04/25/2017.

Do you think it is dangerous to eat the sauce? I definitely learned a lesson as well.

denise 04/25/2017.

Tomatoes, when they're cooking / cooked can be acidic, add some sugar when cooking to offset the acidic taste, this may be what your'e tasting.

L. E. Gant 04/25/2017.

Tomato sauce is very acidic, and it does tend to react with stainless steel, which is probably why the metallic taste.

But it shouldn't be dangerous for consumption, although you might need to do something to cut the metallic taste. There are additives (organic) that will do that.