Is World War 3 going to start?

Anonymous 08/17/2017. 12 answers
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I know it's very possible but what are the chances of it actually happening? What if Kim Jong Un has an itchty finger and war breaks out?

12 Answers

giginotgigi 04/17/2017.

No. It will be a re-run of Korean War.
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So far, NK missiles and nukes are only targeting the 3-8-line

martin 04/17/2017.

Kim Jong Un has been hostile and warlike for years. He doesn't have the power or military to start World War 3. North Korea isn't important enough to start a world war.

卐Hans卐 04/17/2017.

I hope so as I'm dying to get a nice Nuclear tan.

Fred 04/17/2017.


jeeper_peeper321 04/17/2017.

at 04:32 greenwich time on april 15th 2017

Goose 04/17/2017.

It's as possible as you getting to Level 2 in Call of Duty.

Spock (rhp) 04/17/2017.

he isn't going to have an itchy finger and war isn't going to happen

Anonymous 04/17/2017.

Time to fight.

Daniel 04/17/2017.

For the 130th time--NO

Stop asking this damn question.

CB 04/17/2017.

If it does it will be over quickly and man made global warming will cease to be an issue shortly thereafter (No man - no warming) and cockroaches will survive and inherit the earth.

jamie 04/17/2017.

Yes ww3 is coming they just keeping it all quiet

KingsChair1000 04/17/2017.

We are in a bad position all of us. Someone could even frame them and then boom it's on just like that.