How many milligrams of Tylenol can my 100 pound Pitbull have atb l once?

Little boo 08/24/2017. 8 answers
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8 Answers

GllntKnight 04/24/2017.

None, unless you want him to die a slow painful death. You shouldn't be giving it anything unless vet recommended and/or prescribed. Pit bull is two words by the way...

tigrillen 04/24/2017.

none. While Tylenol can be given to dogs, the drug has not much of a safety margin for dogs, that means it is very easy to overdose, which will cause liver and kidney damage. Therefore it is not recommended to give any tylenol to dogs. Neither ibuprofen.

The only human pain medication which can be given to dogs is aspirin. Buffered aspirin (which is not enteric coated aspirin) is a lot better than regular aspirin. The dosage is 5mg/lb, so for a 100 lbs Pit bull Mix 500mg would be appropriate (American Pit Bull Terriers should not weight more than 65lbs).

Vet prescribed tramadol would be a lot better.

Elaine M 04/24/2017.

None. Incredibly toxic to dogs.

Dobiegal 04/24/2017.

zero. Not dog suitable. you can give one adult aspirin with a full meal 2 times a day of you are treating arthritis

Beverly 04/24/2017.

None. Good way to poison your dog.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

What is it what people being so stupid as treating their animals with human medicine?

Tj 04/24/2017.

no Tylenol for a dog

saucy minx 04/24/2017.

None. it's toxic to ALL DOGS. And by toxic I mean poisonous. That is unless you want to kill your Pit Bull. (it's 2 words not one)