Girls only: So im 14 and im turning 15 in about 8 months and im only a 32b in cup size. Will they grow anymore?! Help pls!!?

Anonymous 08/25/2017. 5 answers
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I still havent gotten my period and my mom got hers around the age 13 or 14. She has big boobs. Im very skinny because i have fast metabolism. Im starting to get more pimples. My boobs have been sore and senstitive for about a year now but they seem to not be progressing. My left boob is larger than my right one....

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Natasha 04/25/2017.

Don't panic, you're still a teenager, and thus will not be fully developed yet. Breast development is typically finished once you're 18, although some girls continue to develop into their 20's

You could potentially end up more bosomy later on, but there's no guarantee. Understand that since breast tissue is mostly body fat, it's rare for a woman or girl to be skinny and naturally bosomy simultaneously.

Don't worry about your breasts being uneven sizes. That's totally normal too, since no pair of breasts is ever exactly symmetrical. In fact, it's a very common occurrence for some girls and women to have one breast a full cup size bigger than the other.

If your breasts are sore, try this to help relieve the pain:-

- wear a sports bra or a bra with extra support. This will restrict movement. Don't wear an old, worn bra, as this won't provide the support you need.

- make sure your bras fit properly, and avoid wearing tight tops. If your bras are too small, and you wear tight tops which put pressure on your chest, this can cause pain.

- if you're using hormonal contraceptive pills for the health benefits - not that I'm saying you are - then consult with a doctor to see if it needs adjusting.

- use an over the counter pain relieving medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol. (Aspirin is only suitable for people aged 16 and older unless it's specifically made for children),

- apply a hot or cold compress to your breasts to relieve the pain, like a bag of frozen peas, or a rice sock wrapped in a towel (don't let the compress come into direct contact with your skin, as it could burn you). NB if you use a bag of frozen peas and want to eat them, do so after they thaw, never refreeze them.

- reduce the amount of fat in your diet to 15% or less. This can help relieve breast pain.

Hope this helps.

Julia 04/25/2017.

Yes they'll grow just be patient lol. You aren't an adult yet and until then they'll keep growing. Your size right now for your age is actually a good size, be proud of that b cup girl!! Also, you might take your moms genes and get a c cup later on in life maybe bigger depending on your genes and weight. You're fine don't stress it

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Your Breasts still have the change to grow especially around 18 - 21. as Your body isn't fully developed yet. You might be big or small. B cup is actually a great size, not to big or small.Theres no fixed guarantee that they will increase in size or won't but there is a good possibility.

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