Stewie Griffin vs Bart Simpson?

? 08/25/2017. 9 answers
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9 Answers

Sally 04/25/2017.

Stewie Griffin.

makeupfan 04/25/2017.

Bart rules.

DeathDealer 04/25/2017.

Stewie in science

Bart in street.

swordfish 04/25/2017.

stewie because he is an evil genius, and a psychopath. bart it a bratty kid. stewie would clean the floor with him

lady_catseyes 04/25/2017.

Bart...he has a conscience...

I tamed the beast 04/25/2017.

Stewie is the evil one!

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

Neither, both are passed due.

Fox 04/25/2017.

Stewie. Smarter than Bart.

Zehang 04/25/2017.

Stewie Griffin