Do you think a plant based diet is unhealthy?

Dairy's Scary 08/17/2017. 18 answers
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Deviled1 04/17/2017.

No. You just need to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need so you do not get malnourished.

I'm going vegan :)

T tree 04/17/2017.

No. A plant based diet is about as healthy as you can get

Anne 04/17/2017.

Not necessarily, as long as you're rich enough to afford the best products and meals. It's easier and cheaper to eat meat and fish.

Olivia 04/17/2017.

I'm on a plant based diet and I've never felt this good in my entire life. If you do it well, and work with it I think you can feel the same way. I love it, but you have to get used to it and find out what works best with your body. For me I can't eat a lot of fresh vegetables because I can't digest them well enough- I get bloated. Cooking them has solved this for me. I hate when people say it's bad when they haven't tried it. If you feel good on the diet, that's all the proof you need.

Moonshadow 04/17/2017.

There has been a lot of back and forth with plant-based diets over the last two decades but I think it really just comes down to whether you personally feel better on it, having studied diets and human nutrition for so long and tried many things over the years I am really starting to believe that humans are just far too diverse in eating habits to say that one specific type of diet is better than another type... Especially when you see two different people do well on two opposing diets (assuming none of them use steroids or slimming drugs like half of the paleo crowd. xD). I have seen a lot of people thrive on a plant-based diet but when I gave it a shot I just felt like crap and picked up some weight (and I did it pretty solidly for over 3 months without being a junkfood binger either, lots of grains, juices, low-fat, high-carb, low-protein Vegan, keeping up 2400cal a day)

I don't think eating only plants is unhealthy exactly, but I really start to feel an emptiness and hunger which I just can't sate on anything unless I'm eating animal flesh personally. I think that the only major issue with it is how inconvenient plant protein is compared to animal protein for sustenance and digestion. For people like me who have a more sensitive digestive tract I must say that I don't feel great when I eat high-protein plantfoods like beans or legumes... On the other hand I love meat and I never have any digestive troubles when eating it. This could just be a product of my own genetic heritage as my ancestors were mostly Slavic Hunter-Gatherers who subsisted off of meat, berries, fruits, seeds and nuts but it also makes sense because basic biology says that an animal has a much easier time turning another animal into itself compared to turning a plant into itself.

that_gamer 04/17/2017.

No, I don't think its unhealthy but i personally wouldn't cut out meat completely from my diet. Eating plants all the time would make meal times very boring

Scarred Decoy 04/17/2017.

Why do you come here as a vegetable nut and try to correct others who do not think like you when you dont like their answers?

I believe your way of eating is very limiting and not as healthy as a complete nutrition plan.

I choose to not eat red meat, not because I have more issues, I just got tired of it manmy years a go, but, as a competitive bodybuilder, I choose to eat fish and chicken and turkey and egg whites and cottage cheese because I KNOW that the protein I get from those foods, I cannot get from veggies which I also eat a lot of, end of story.

mermaid 04/17/2017.

Yes if done correctly, I am a strict vegan and a successful athlete.

Cutter 04/17/2017.

Limited diets lead to extinction

giana 04/17/2017.

It's not unhealthy as long as you add protein. Beans and nuts offer around 8 grams a serving compared to a chicken breast which is around 20. There are many health benefits from a plant based diet. If your vegetarian you can add whey protein. If your vegan there are vegan protein powders. It may be a little expensive but protein is so important.

Frank 04/17/2017.

YUP. It is UNHEALTHY for a creature that is OMNIVOROUS to restrict ones diet to vegetarian and or vegan.

We are designed to eat EVERYTHING. The reason that certain food taste so good is so that we WILL WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN...and STAY HEALTHY BECAUSE OF IT. Sugar...GOOD. MEAT...GOOD... Bread...GOOD. EGGS---GOOD. Butter....Bacon....GOOD.

Too MUCH of anything is NOT GOOD...which is the problem. We get FAT.

John 04/17/2017.

Not healthy, but how would you fulfill balance diet ?

Curious 04/17/2017.

I know a woman who's a vegan and she is totally normal and happens to be an elite-level figure skater. You should check out her blog sometime at "Lutz of Greens" - she shares a lot of helpful stuff about a natural diet.

Anonymous 04/17/2017.

No- I'm a plant based eater and have never felt, looked or been healthier! Would recommend completely.

Wise Cracker 04/17/2017.

For rabbits it's fine, but not for a human being.

John 04/17/2017.

Not necessarily. But there are nutrients that are hard to find in certain food groups but plentiful in others. So by cutting out all meats and dairy can make it difficult to get all the nutrients needed to be healthy.

Of course people are all different to. Some have deficiencies while others have surpluses of certain nutrients.

Plants have less iron and vitamin B than do meats and dairy, and plant iron is much more difficult to absorb than meat iron. Plants also have zero cholesterol, including zero good cholesterol and no vitamin B12. Many plants are also high in carbohydrates which many people already eat too much of. Also most plants don't have much protein or fat, although others do.

But a well planned veggie diet should work for just about anyone. Well planned are the key words.

J M 04/17/2017.

No. But only eating a plant based diet is not healthy.

Liberals sequester from fact 04/17/2017.

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