I have a very long foreskin. What should I put inside?

Anonymous 08/25/2017. 12 answers
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I'm thinking skittles?

12 Answers

Procrasterbater 04/25/2017.

Fire ants

pit bulls bite 04/25/2017.

stay in school

Brad 04/25/2017.

Skittles would coat the inside of your foreskin with an array of colorful substances; however, if youre a glutton for pain like me, i would pick something bigger. The starburst jellybeans they sell around this time of year are most likely gonna be your best bet.

Marc 04/25/2017.

Squeeze a tube of Ben Gay or HEET into it.

chris d 04/25/2017.

A finger can feel nice )

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

You're circumcised though judging from what you've posted :/

Panda 04/25/2017.

I'm uncut

PPP 04/25/2017.

some crackers?

it'll much with the cheese you already have

Roddy 04/25/2017.

You could try to fit all nine pins inside then people can throw big balls at you to try to knock your penis down!

Dark Squirrel 04/25/2017.

Little Tree air freshener...vanillaroma.

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

rice? lol

Richard 04/25/2017.


pennies. see how much you can fit $$$!