I don't find a reason to live anymore, I just wanna die?

AnotherCoin 04/14/2017. 4 answers
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I really don't have a reason to live...
I don't have friends, I hate my family, I don't have FREEDOM. I'm not allowed to wear shorts, I'm not allowed to join sport clubs, I'm not allowed to call people or have social medias or be with my friends (if I had any). I can't even go outside....

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AnotherCoin 08/16/2017.

Firstly, How old are you?

I will tell you as personal experience... I had a very very terrible childhood however at the age of 15 i started abusing drugs until age 23. I have been hooked on one of the worst and most addictive drug in the world and now recovering from it. I have been depressed and felt like i wanted to die. The pains where horrible but the mental state of mine was even worse.

When your young, life feels long... you will feel like any bad situation will be the end of your world but belive me... even right now as i struggle with recovering from this darkness i was in, i appriciate my life knowing how unique we are.

Do you know the probability of you even being born in to this world? We should consider our self lucky.

I know your feeling , and i feel your pain. Many people will say to you that "things will get better" and its true.. it does, but at the same time you have to go through many obstacles , sadness etc and you will learn from it.

Depression is something you should see a doctor/therapist about. I would advice not to take anti-depressants however, it affects everyone differently.

You have a life ahead of you... one year will be the worst but the next year could be the best. You could be the person that cures cancer or save someones life. You are important to us, to me and to this world so please do not leave us.

Keep strong... Get professional help. I promise you that life gets so much better afterwards. Even with me going through severe struggles , i consider my self lucky and wish to live even if i am depressed. Train your mind to think positive.

Please remember that , We need you to survive. Do not give up!!!

? 08/16/2017.

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Anonymous 08/16/2017.

Please, for your sake, seek help. I know for a fact that people care of you, and if you kill youself, you'll become selfish in death. You'll cause pain to those people if you commit suicide, so don't do it. We all live to die, but the death is not chosen. There is always a reason to live. No reason doesn't cause life. If you kill yourself, I'll won't forgive myself that I wasn't able to stop it.

formerly_bob 08/16/2017.

Talk to a parent and tell them that their rules are killing you. See if you can negoitiate with them about gaining some freedom. Or rebel. Make them become constantly aware of your displeasure by complaining, nagging, and reminding them that their rules suck. Don't ask for permission to do things your parents can't easily stop you from doing - do it without permission. There will be consequences, but it will also force the issue.

As for depressiuon, you sort of provided the solution to the problem. If it happens when you try to think about the future, stop thinking about the future and focus on today and tomorrow. Its a lot easier to solve tody's or tomorrow's problems since the solution is much more specific and you have a lot more information to work with.