If you HAD to invest your life savings with either Bungling Barry, the guy who gave us $10T in debt or Donald Trump, billionaire businessman?

Bad Wolf 08/24/2017. 10 answers
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Who would you choose.....no government bailouts are possible.

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Travis 04/24/2017.

Trump because he is very successful and is one reason many people elected him president. He knows a lot about our economy and knows how to improve it. Also Obama gave us 10T debt not Barry which is more than all of the other 43 presidents combined.

GEORGE B 04/24/2017.

The most intelligent answer to that question is to have a look at the economic conditions that the Obama Administration gave us.

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roger 04/24/2017.

well ... Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times and does not pay his contractors.

Stock market went way up under Obama and Obama never filed for bankruptcy..

Mark big sky boat man 04/24/2017.

Neither, Trump would be richer if he'd just left his money in an interest accruing account, and he fails to pay money he owes people, so it wouldn't be any safer with him.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Nobody is arguing the fact that Trump is a successful businessman.

He's just a horrible politician.

Bob 04/24/2017.

Trump is wasting money faster than any other president, over 30 million on golf alone so far and it's not even 3 mths yet.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Obama doubled my 401K . trump is a lifelong conman . i'll take barrack .

Missy Brain 04/24/2017.

Nobody that is wise puts all their eggs in one basket.

Colmes Bless

Tyler L 04/24/2017.

Obama because he inherited the debt and worked all his presidency to get the economy rolling. Which he did.

Trump inherited his wealth from his father. But just ask his book about casinos, they always end in Chapter 11.

Charles Veidt 04/24/2017.

How many times has Obama declared bankruptcy?

How many times has Trump declared bankruptcy?

Easy choice.