Why cant i squirt again? (squirted for the first time last night masturbating clitorally). Tried again the next day and cant?

Julia 08/13/2017. 6 answers
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Papa 04/13/2017.

OMG ! Squirting is NOT peeing. The liquid comes from a small squishy spot just inside the vagina on the front wall. If stimulated directly when a woman has an orgasm she could also squirt. Again, this is NOT pee. Woman who empty their bladders before sex can squirt,

John 04/13/2017.

It may take the gland some time to recharge. Guys have the same problem.

Anonymous 04/13/2017.

You have to massage your G-spot to squirt. Not all women can do it though.

Tavy 04/13/2017.

When anything squirts it means it comes out of a compressed hole. Your Vagina which produces the wetness has NO hole. You peed.

I totally agree with Stephen and I am a female of a certain age.

Kristi 04/13/2017.

Make sure you drink enough and your bladder is full

STEPHEN 04/13/2017.

Because your bladder was empty. Squirting is just peeing. Squirting comes from porn and was totally unheard of a few years ago. Then porn came up with it to take things up a level.