Why Men need to repress their sex drives ?

Anonymous 08/24/2017. 8 answers
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Sex is overrated and it's not better than love. There is nothing special about sex. Eating and drinking are more important than sex. Sex comes with alot of problems. If you have sex you won't die. If you don't eat and drink then you will die.

8 Answers

HNizzles 04/24/2017.

Well, that's pretty simple. Bitchez be crazy! And bitchez be don't liking sex. So what's a dude to do? Do you know how much trouble I would get into if I didn't repress it. Yesterday I saw the most perfect assinapair of leggings that I have ever seen in my life. This 19 y.o. weighed all of 105-110 pounds, 5'6, with baseball sized titties. I stopped what I was doing so I could walk over by her. Usually when bitchez wear their tights, they sit down, or they walk fast where they are going, so the guys don't start yanking themselves right then and there. But this girl just stood at the station she was at, displaying the NAITW! for all to look at. And as I got closer, the amount of legging that followed each bun into the middle meant she must have either been wearing a thong or nothing at all under that action. I got at least a 15-20 second stare at datass. If I didn't have my sex drive repressed, I would have told her "thank you for displaying that fine ********** of yours like that" and "I'm going to go make myself really big thinking of that fine ********** of yours" and "unless you would like to have my mouth between your legs for a while" See, I have to repress it, there are simply too many good looking women in the world, and women don't like sex. Guy's that don't repress it - they end up in jail.

Athena 04/24/2017.

Your basic assumption is wrong.

With that your argument falls apart.

The best thing for you to do is tell your partner how you feel and say that they are free to find sex elsewhere. You get the platonic side of things, which is all you want, they can get sex whenever they want with other partners.

Everyone wins.

Flouride 04/24/2017.

no. that's not true in general. only married dudes need to suppress their sex drive since they're the dudes that never get any.

robert x 04/24/2017.

and without sex you would never be born.. i agree with you that sex to some people is obsessive and that its no big deal to go without it .. but it should be part of an relationship ...

Party Delights 04/24/2017.

Anonymous is right to say "Wrong on so many levels". I shall elaborate.

1) "Sex is overrated".

This statement is true.

But sex has its place in a marriage. And sad to say, in many marriages, sex is underrated.

Today the would is chaotic because it promotes a lot of sex before and outside marriage, and little or no sex within it. The opposite should be the case: No sex before or outside marriage, but lots of steamy hot sex with your spouse.

2) "There is nothing special about sex"

Sex is VERY special.

a) It is the natural means to create life. And with life involved, sex is special.

b) Sex is a simple yet effective way to make love. Yes, married couple can get very intimate and improves their relationship through sex. In fact, in the face of marital challenges, sex is a way to "overcome" problems that have no apparent solution.

c) Sex is so special that it could make or break a marriage. So use it wisely.

3) "Sex comes with a lot of problems."

Responsible sex gives pleasures and blessings.

It is illicit sex outside marriage that gives problems like unwanted pregnancies, STD, broken heart, etc etc etc that you already know.

4) "If you have sex you won't die. If you don't eat and drink then you will die."

If you don't have sex in a marriage, you'll die emotionally, even spiritually. In my observation, virgin spinsters and old bachelors behave weird.

Although many keep it to themselves to mind their own business, we wish that those older singles will find a mate and get married. They will blossom after that.

(Although the above is purely based on my observation on about 10 virgin singles past 50s, when I contrast those observations with the rests of the married ones I know personally, the virgin singles do show significant difference in psychological and mental behavior.)

So to conclude, don't undermine the power sex, especially in its appropriate place in marriage. Those "happily married" ones are usually those who celebrate sex; while those who lacks sex show signs of discontentment and even despair.

rd68 04/24/2017.

You might not die, but you'll definitely start to go weirdo. Look at what's happening with you as a case in point.

People don't need to eat at restaurants or eat tasty food either, but some people think there's more to life than getting on the bland wagon with you.

Servus 04/24/2017.

If we don't have sex our species will cease to exist.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.


Wrong on so many levels?


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