USPS sent my package of live fish to the wrong address and they died?

Mini 08/24/2017. 7 answers
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Rish can be bought on ebay, other sites, or sent between friends and mailed overnight to the recipient. My package of fish was sent to my old address and delivered and left there. This occurred in spite of the fact that I updated USPS with my new address and only moved 4 months ago so it should have been forwarded....

7 Answers

Mahabub 04/24/2017.

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Anonymous 04/24/2017.

You should have had the fish sent to your new address. Just because USPS has your forward order does not make them responsible for your fish being dead. Your fish would have died no matter what because you had them sent to the wrong address.

This is how forwarding works... Your mail is sent to your old address. Your Mail Carrier catches the mail, stops it from being delivered and places it in a "forward mail" bin at the Post Office. At the end of the day, the mail in the forward bin is sent out to the sorting facility. At the sorting facility, the mail is sorted out into district areas (there are approximately 3-10 states in each district area). Once sorted to a district, the mail is put on a truck to be taken to a plane and sent to a district sorting facility the next day. Once the mail arrives at the district sorting facility it is sorted down again to the, in this case, forwarding facility. Once at the forwarding facility the mail is placed on a conveyor with millions of pieces of other mail from all over the U.S. The turn around time at the facility is a couple of days. After that, it is sent to a district sorting facility once again... back down to the local sorting facility.... local post office...... etc..... 5-7 days AFTER being received by your carrier at the wrong address that you had it sent to.

*Get the picture yet???* ------- I could go on and on... The point is that it takes 5-7 days for each piece of mail to get forwarded from the old address to the new address.

(Also, FYI, only First Class/Priority mail is forwarded for a year. Fact is, it is forwarded for 6 months, and then you get six month leeway. This is all just a courtesy and not an obligation).

This is not the Post Office's fault.

dorothy 04/24/2017.

sue them.

Ch Mickey UD 04/24/2017.

It is your fault, you gave the seller the wrong address. You should have given them the address where you live now. That is YOUR fault, not the seller, Ebay, Paypal or the USPS.

You need to log on to Ebay & Paypal and update your information. Sellers are obligated to ship to the address Paypal gives them, it is not their fault if it is wrong. I have been selling on ebay since 1999, so I can tell you for certain if this was an Ebay purchase you can not get a refund as you made the mistake. Sorry

Quetzel 04/24/2017.

Only if the shipment was insured. The fault was yours since you should have made sure the shipper had the proper address.

Akeath 04/24/2017.

First off, at least with my branch of the post office, forwarding your mail is not permanent. The forwarding process expires after 3 months, before which time you'll need to do a formal change of address both with the post office itself and with all the people sending mail to you. Forwarding is not a permanent process, it is just a grace period for you while you contact your bank, subscriptions, relatives, online ordering places, etc. and change their information to your new address. After those 3 months are up, your mail is no longer forwarded. You likely haven't been getting all your mail forwarded for the past month, and that is your own fault. All of this was included in the fine print, and when you made the request for forwarding it was legally taken as your acceptance of all of this, which makes it so the post office isn't liable for your not understanding this information.

When you order fish, you give the sellers/shippers of the fish an address, or they use a default paypal address. They don't check your address at USPS - USPS is actually not legally allowed to give someone a new address. So it is up to you to give someone shipping to you your new address, and if the address is not updated and correct that also falls to you.

As far as shipping giving you are refund, that shippers rely on the address you give them or your default paypal address is usually information you can find in the shipping section of the seller's information, which clears the post office as well as the seller of any fault. If you failed to give the shippers themselves the new address, then it is your fault that they were shipped to the old one. Even if the fish had been forwarded, most won't give you a refund if the fish had to be forwarded because you didn't give them the proper address the first time, because forwarding will add an unknown amount of time to the shipment that they can not take into account. It may also be hard to get a refund if you weren't there to sign for live animals. It is also standard for you to need to give them a photo of the dead fish within the package with a time/date stamp of within 2 hours of the package being dropped off to get a refund.

Elaine M 04/24/2017.

If you moved 4 months ago and the fish order was recent, how did they have your old address? You would have given your new address to them.

The business only uses what they have on file. It's not their fault if it's not your address, they assume you're where you were when you gave them your address.