My mum promised to breed rabbits, but is now changing her mind for no reason?

jess 08/18/2017. 7 answers
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In late 2016 my family decided to get a male rabbit as we have planned it for a while. Shortly afterwards we bought a girl as we thought it would be a good idea to breed them. We didn t do it straight away as it was October and too cold to have a kit, so my mum promised we would do it in Easter time. Because I have...

7 Answers

poodle power 04/18/2017.

Maybe you mum has gain some common sense. Just breeding for the sake of it is no reason to do it. Just like any pet that is bred there can always be complications which usually mean vet bills. Then what happens to the babies . You may not be able to sell them . It happens. Usually reputable pet shops will only buy from breeders they regular do business with .

Sunday Crone 05/18/2017.

Rabbits and breeding them is a lot of work. I lived on a farm as a child and we raised rabbits commercial, it was a lot of work.

Nikita 04/18/2017.

Personally, I wouldn't suggest breeding animals- of any kind for that matter. There is already an abundance of Rabbits in shelters - we don't need more. If you want another rabbit - get one at a shelter. Also keep in mind that Rabbits breed like crazy. They pop out kits like they do Easter eggs. The kits will mate with each other making more, and those will breed with those- it will be a never-ending cycle and In a year you'll have more bunnies than you can count. The average litter size is 6 kits per litter. Do you really want another SIX? That's six more cages, waterbowls. It will be three times the amount of food and water. It is an overwhelming amount of work. There's no ways you'll have enough time to look after them all. Please consider this before breeding ❤

Nekkid Truth! 04/18/2017.

there is no GOOD reason to breed your rabbits. You are only seeing cute baby bunnies. Mom sees potential vet bills, the possability of heartbroken kids if baby bunnies DIE, and possibly being stuck with a whole litter of rabbits if they dont sell.

Mom is entitled to change her mind.

Get over it. just be glad that you even have rabbits. Many kids have no pets.

Star_of_Darkness 04/18/2017.

Why are you depressed and upset over not being a BYBer? Why do you want to endanger the rabbits so you can produce worthless ill bred mutt bunnies to sell that will end up with people who won't take care of them and kill the poor thing or dump it in a shelter to die?

Its GOOD your mother refuses to allow you to be a scummy BYBer

Ch Mickey UD 04/18/2017.

Thankfully your mother has decided not to do something stupid and breed animals she is not knowledgeable about when there are already lots of homeless rabbits in shelters and rescues. Please thank her.

If you want pet rabbits, adopt some of those that are already homeless, there are plenty.

Good Man 04/18/2017.

I want one to eat , make a request to her from my side pl