Angry tree. i cut down a tree and it keeps growing back and don't know what to do. pls help?

David 08/20/2017. 10 answers
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Feliks 05/20/2017.

Have a company come in and remove the stump. It's like a big drill.

kswck2 04/20/2017.

ROUND UP kills everything.

Poppy 04/20/2017.

Use full strength roundup on fresh cuts( use a cheap paint brush to apply). That will kill the roots. You can also drill holes into the stump and poor in rock salt. This is where google is your friend.

JL 04/20/2017.

when you dig up a shrub tree or plant of any kind you have to get all the roots out it will constantly grow back.

Bingalee 04/20/2017.

Roundup is the answer,a liberal dose of that will stop it coming back.

sarah 04/20/2017.

It will grow back until you kill its roots

Lolly 04/20/2017.

Have a company come in and remove the stump. It's like a big drill.

Good Man 04/20/2017.

Required to put out its routs and fill the place with earth

Paul 04/20/2017.

We just cut down some unwanted trees in our HOA, and the stumps remaining, I watched a YOUTUBE video where they guy got a bottle of "full strength" Roundup, and took a cheap sponge paint brush, and painted the trunk with the full strength stuff, all the way arond the perimeter of the trunk, because the guy said the outer diameter of a trunk where the bark is loceated is where much of the nutrients of the tree is used. So I saturated every tree trunk good, up to this point, it looks DEAD,DEAD.

Anonymous 04/20/2017.

Salt or brush killer. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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