Is it a crime to handcuff myself to something inside the post office?

Anonymous 08/24/2017. 7 answers
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I have a package that is stuck inside a parcel locker with a broken lock at my apartment and I've called the post office every week in an attempt to get them to to come open the locker to no avail. Its been almost a month and Im at the point where Im willing to basically chain myself up inside the post office...

7 Answers

Kyle 04/24/2017.

when they close their store for the day, they can charge you with trespassing.

Fred XX00 I 04/24/2017.

Not if you have a key

hurry and unlock us now

i have to go through mail.

oh wow. it might be if you

don't unlock me now.

don't stop the mail oh wow.

hurry up guys get the mail

in order I have to unlock

this Ok, lets all be happy

and smile it's almost coffee time.


Tom 04/24/2017.

No idea

DR + Mrs Bears face 04/24/2017.

Hi so why not contact the building office as it is there's to fix not the post office.

STEPHEN 04/24/2017.

Yes. It's causing an obstruction. It's against fire regulations. It's trespass. Anything else you want?

gaermjoy123 04/24/2017.

Yes it is called trolling

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Call your super. Those boxes probably aren't the post office property?