Why Does vegan cheese make me THROW UP?

ANASTASIA AND LUCKY 08/23/2017. 9 answers
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Adamo 05/23/2017.

I never eat vegan cheese, it tastes vile.

O.o 04/23/2017.

You probably shouldn't eat it.

I don't know what kind you're eating. There are so many kinds...

Some are oil based like daiya, i no longer eat that because it's just really unhealthy to eat all those fats and oils, especially safflower oil, since it can cause inflammation.

Some are actually fermented cheeses now! Yeah those make me kinda sick too, but I might have SIBO or something... I don't handle probiotics well for whatever reason, which seems totally weird. But they are tasty in my opinion.

Then there are vegan cheese and cheese sauce recipes that have veggies, nutritional yeast and spices like garlic... well I can't handle all that spice and some people don't react well to nutritional yeast.

Or maybe you're a sissy and you find it icky because it's unfamiliar.

gc girl 04/23/2017.

cos its not natural

Aussiewhitegirl 04/23/2017.

Because you don't like vegan cheese? Meat makes me throw up, people still like it.

katiya 04/23/2017.

Because you might have tried some that is made of textured vegetable protein.

Try blending soaked cashews with yogurt water, let it age for a day or two, and enjoy that.

RoyS 04/23/2017.

Well, since you aren't a vegan, that might be the problem.

Michael Vicks Dog 04/23/2017.

Because it's made from real vegans.

mermaid 04/23/2017.

I never eat vegan cheese, it tastes vile.

Emily 04/23/2017.

Hooney, none of us can know that.