You see Queenstar?

Andrew 08/20/2017. 7 answers
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Doesn't it feel normal and good to be yourself? That's what being unpopular and liking yourself just the way you are means. That's what never changing yourself for anyone means. God made you this way for a reason. And who dares to challenge God's authority?

7 Answers

Queenstar 04/20/2017.

Yes it feels good to be myself! I remained true to myself. You are right! You always give me good advice 😊

Ron 04/20/2017.

im always myself an those others just love me as i am

choko_canyon 04/20/2017.

You are transparently Queenstar's other account, Andrew. And Queenstar, every time you post anything you remind us how truly neurotic and attention-obsessed you are. Do you have any life outside of trolling?

JAMES 04/20/2017.

Quenstarr is a whore!

Nathan 04/20/2017.

Ooh look, one of Queenstar's sock puppet accounts is talking to Queenstar again.

How does it feel Queenstar to have to create other accounts to apparently bolster your fragile ego?

How come none of you sock puppet accounts tell you to get a job and stop mooching off your parents?

I bet Queenstar gets best answer for this question....

Fireball 04/20/2017.

this is not a chat room...I have not seen her lately.

Anonymous 04/20/2017.

I saw her yesterday in the woods with the prophet trying to injure some tough guy with eye gouges.