Do any other married couples watch porn occasionally?

Anonymous 08/24/2017. 11 answers
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We watch it sometimes it's a turn on just wondered if others did during sex?

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Tara 04/24/2017.


Pedal power 04/24/2017.

My wife is not into it, I tried several times but she felt I was being turned on by the chick in the movie, I tried explaining but had no success....

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Yes we do, my husband finds a 'female friendly' site usually a masseur giving a woman a sensuous massage then eventually mounting her for a happy ending . I find it quite a turn on.

. 04/24/2017.

Of course. plenty do (separately, together, while having sex or to get aroused to have sex). Nothing unusual about that at you can tell by some of the sarcastic answers you got. :)

Athena 04/24/2017.



at all.

ONLY you.

No other married couple in the world has ever, in history, watched porn.

robert x 04/24/2017.

yeah ofcourse other couples watch it, its so dumb , and is really a laugh because it so stupid.

Love big words 04/24/2017.


Bentley 04/24/2017.

I have watched porn, but I don't do it with partner because I am not a voyeur.

Emily 04/24/2017.

Yes, some do. In fact, more than just "some".

i + i 04/24/2017.

A 2011 study published in the Archives of

Sexual Behavior (Amanda Maddox and

colleagues) investigated the viewing of

sexually explicit material in romantic

relationships. In a random sample of

1291 unmarried people aged 18 to 34

in romantic relationships, about 77

percent of men and 35 percent of

women looked at porn alone, while

45 percent reported to watching with

their partners. Those who watched

with their partners were found to be

more committed to their relationships

and more sexually satisfied than those

who decided to go at it alone.

My guess is that similar numbers apply

to married couples (in fact I would be

willing to bet that the "watch together"

numbers are probably higher).

Party Delights 04/24/2017.

(20 years married)

My wife and I yet to "advance" to that level. Our "highest level" is romance movies with some nude scenes.

She suggested porn last month (excuse: to learn more techniques -- very bad excuse indeed). But I told her we should not. (Am I foolish or plain stupid? I wonder.)