Is it acceptable for a vegan to deny their dinner guests meat, diary and eegs?

Moderator 08/25/2017. 68 answers
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Meat and animal by products isn't allowed.

68 Answers

ShinsFortress 04/25/2017.

Well duuuh. To the guests: if you don't like the menu, don't go.

Gerry G 04/25/2017.

If it is their dinner party, then sure.

Amber 04/25/2017.

Their house, their kitchen, their choice. No one HAS to cook something for someone else if they don't wish to. But, turnabout is fair which means they shouldnt demand special food when they go to someone else's house.

Jane 04/25/2017.

I'm an omnivore who loves good food and good company, so my only problem would be if you're a bad cook and bad company!

I have some friends who are vegetarian, some vegan, some meat/fish eaters like me and some who have to be gluten free. I love to see people happy enjoying my food and hospitality, in good company,relaxed and having a laugh together.

I don't see any problem here at all! If I want to eat meat, fish, eggs etc I have the whole of the rest of my life to choose these at home and eating out. I would be excited to learn some new dishes, as I have an allotment and grow loads of veg, and always looking for new ways to enjoy.

Jeez people, why be so worried?

friskymisty01 04/25/2017.

im sure the ppl who were invited to their vegan dinner would KNOW they're vegan* so , yes it's acceptable* if u choose not to try vegan food then tell them u can't make it*

My sis inlaw is vegan, my brother is vegetarian....but they still cook US meat dishes* and if we choose we can also eat their vegan food* or vegetarian dishes* Everyone is different* some dont want to be around meat at all..while others say..ok* worries..they used to eat meat, choose not to now, but still serve meat dishes for guests coming *

ANNE 04/25/2017.

Come now. Vegans don't have dinner guests. Usually it's one long suffering friend, that they've had since college.

forte88eng 04/25/2017.

yes, of course. you don't serve guests with stuff that is against your lifestyle.

Zeta Reticuli 04/25/2017.

whats eegs? silly vegan cant spell...its ok...we forgive you

t๏ครtเє 04/25/2017.

"Hey, friend, I'm here for your dinner party! ...Oh, every dish is vegan? I didn't know you were a vegan!" SAID NO ONE, EVER. Vegans love to constantly tell people they are vegan. So the guests should really know what to expect if they accept the dinner invitation.

SteveN 04/25/2017.

If you accept a meal invitation at someone's home who you know is a vegan or vegetarian, you should already know what to expect before you get there.

Now the vegan host should probably also make it clear that the entire meal will be vegan in advance of the event, so that guests can politely decline the invitation, or they can eat something that they know will fill them up before getting to this dinner and not be starving at the end of the meal if the stuff is not something they would like.

Giraud 05/25/2017.

whats eegs? silly vegan cant spell...its ok...we forgive you

kswck2 04/25/2017.

No-IF they want their guests to come back another time.

RAT M 04/25/2017.

Sure ! And if it was me I would leave a huge upper decker dump for U 2 find clogging your bowl !

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

I would not even be a guest at a vegan's house. If a vegan invited me to their house for dinner, I would turn it down. I would not go to their house, and I would not invite them to my house.

My instincts tell me to boycott vegans. I don't like vegans anyways. If someone is going to forbid me to eat meat, dairy, and eggs; I automatically don't like them. And nobody is going to change my mind. I don't believe in veganism. And I am not willing to give up meat and dairy; or eggs, for that matter.

As long as a vegan keeps his/her mouth shut, I got no problem with him/her. As soon as they start opening their mouths and start spewing out lies and PETA propaganda, I have a problem with them.

Aussiewhitegirl 04/25/2017.

Yes, it's her house and non vegans can grow up and eat vegan food at a vegans house. Most of them don't even know what's vegan until you tell them anyway.

Jack 04/25/2017.

Sure it is, I wouldn't have anything I don't like in my house, Modulator. Nobody has to accept the invitation to your party, so if you are throwing the party then it's you that makes the rules and if the people you invite don't like that then they don't have to attend. You are on a roll here, you are coming up with very valid points and I hope your appeals go your way.

Karen L 04/25/2017.

I hope no one ever tries to serve me a diary or eegs for dinner. They won't have to deny them to me; I will refuse to eat them.

P 04/25/2017.

No. Eat the vegan !

♥ ♦ choco ♦ ♥ 04/25/2017.

If the vegan is cooking everything, yes. if it's a potluck, no.

Love big words 04/25/2017.

Why not eat meat. Humans are designed to eat meat.

Wendigo 04/25/2017.

"Is it acceptable for a vegan to deny their dinner guests meat, diary and eegs?

Yes it is acceptable for a vegan to deny serving their guests, in their homes, meat dairy, and eggs. It is after all THEIR HOMER first and foremost. Having meat dairy, eggs, or fish/seafood, at every meal is NOT necessary. Yet some are of that belief. If I'm invited to dine in the home of a vegan, or vegetarian, then I eat what's placed before me on the table, and if there's no dairy, eggs, fish/seafood, honey, meat, or other type of animal based food on the table then so be it. A cup of coffee, tea water, or some other beverage, of non alcoholic content is perfectly fine with me. If the food is both good, and filling, and the company is pleasant, then I'd return.

Now I'll close with something of a personal thought. The most picky of diners are often those who have never gone without eating, due to circumstance. The least picky, are those who have due to circumstances gone two or more days, without food being available to eat. But then I've been the guest where a vegan lived a few times, and been alson in the position where there wasn't anything edible available for more than three days.

denise 04/25/2017.

Its their dinner party, if you accept the invitation, then you should realise the meal will be vegan, you should'nt expect Meat, dairy or eggs.

Go, you may be surprised at the tasty dishes.

Or decline the invite politely, Your choice.

Futurist Dreamer 04/25/2017.

Your house, your choice. Guests should always respect the host if they are uncomfortable about serving something. If they don't like it, they can leave.

Rvana 04/25/2017.

Do you honestly expect a vegan to have meat, dairy, and eggs in their house?

tro 04/25/2017.

whatever your choice is if you are asking people to dinner unless you inform them ahead of time it will be strictly your diet you need to accomodate them with food of their choice, or don't invite them

that_gamer 04/25/2017.

If you have people that are willing to come to your house knowing that you are a vegan, then its safe to assume that you can pretty much serve/deny them anything you want. Don't expect the non-vegans to like the food or ever come back to your place

Groovy_Unicorn 04/25/2017.

Sure. I'm assuming they know you're vegan and wouldn't expect other food to be served.

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

It's really GREAT that you're back Modulator, and asking questions that get right to the point,

I think a person accepting a dinner invitation from a vegan would expect to be "denied" meat and dairy products but I for one wouldn't be happy without eegs.

I know that Little Andy likes his eegs too so if you denied him them he might have a strop!

Really though, if I was invited to your lovely home I'd accept whatever I was given xxx

Michael Vicks Dog 04/25/2017.

Only cunty *** self centered assholes do that sort of crap. But then again that's what most vegans are.

nezhtal 04/25/2017.

The host can serve or not serve what they want. Of course if they want their guests to attend their next dinner party they'll have some appreciation for the fact not everyone shares their dietary restrictions.

Carol 04/25/2017.

i hope no one ever tries to serve me a diary or eegs for dinner... they will definitely not have to deny them to me; i shall refuse to eat them...

John 04/25/2017.

yes it is. as long as they are polite about it.

i know my 90 years old grandma would be offended if i refused to eat her meat. older generation were raised to not waste anything and were very non selective about their food. they ate what was available.

so someone like my grandma, for sure youd have to politely explain that you are vegan and what a vegan is ;D

Nikki 04/25/2017.

i dont see why its a problem if you provide a good meal. they shouldnt care that its vegan. but if you mean that they decide they want to bring their own steak dinner, i dont think its right for you to deny them of that. they're just going to eat it anyways whether they go to your party or not.

Carnation 04/25/2017.

You should let your guests know you are vegan and this means you will only serve foods that come from plants. They are free to turn down your invitation. Some omnivores might accept because they are curious about your diet.

If you have been invited to dinner by a vegan, and are an omnivore - you are not obliged to accept,

John Z 04/25/2017.

Would it hurt you to try a meal without meat, dairy, eggs?? Think of it as an opportunity to try something different.

As for the argument that animals were put here to eat - I do not believe that animals were put here to be tortured before their deaths. Do your research on the meat industry. I wish people could see what the animals go through so that humans can eat meat. Most people would be absolutely appalled.

Phil 04/25/2017.

They can do whatever they want but I won't be accepting the invite unless there is some flesh on the plate.

Alex 04/25/2017.

Of course but it`s your responsability to warn them beforehand.

Filipo 04/25/2017.

Never acceptable.

katiya 04/25/2017.

Yeah, a lot of people are into trying it at least for one night.

They can always get a burger after.

Most people want to be impressed by something new,

maybe learn a few recipes to incorporate into their lifestyle.

Keno 04/25/2017.

Wouldn't have thought it mattered at that sort of social level. They can all order their own toppings and sort it out when the delivery arrives.

Henrik 05/25/2017.

Come now. Vegans don't have dinner guests. Usually it's one long suffering friend, that they've had since college.

Livinrawguy 04/25/2017.

I would imagine if your being invited over for a meal at a vegans home it will be no meat or animal products being served or offered. Of course it is acceptable if they are the ones hosting the meal. Just grab something to eat before you go or give it half a chance many vegans dishes are quite tasty. .

Bing Bing 04/25/2017.

Absolutely 100% OK. You invite people to your house, the guests get the meal you choose to serve.

Edit: I'm a meat eater, but I also think there's also something seriously wrong with people who can't cope with one meal without animal products.

Jennifer 04/25/2017.

Try the website meetup under vegetarians

ckngbbbls 04/25/2017.

a vegan who has guests serves what ever he choses. As a guest you are abliged to either eat it or skip the meal but you are NOT allowed to complain. You are a were invited, typically for your wonderful company, NOT your eating habits.

Grow up, step out of your shell and try something new.

audrey 04/25/2017.

Oh, boy. A dinner party with a plate of kale and that white, slimy stuff called tofu. Yummy. Sounds like fun. NOT.

Lim Yuan 04/25/2017.

Sure it is, but as a guest I am also allowed to refuse to eat anything don't like, even not turning up at all.

Charlie 04/25/2017.

Diary lol learn how to spell

gc girl 04/25/2017.

no its not cos when you have a guest you cook to cater for their needs

polly 04/25/2017.


A proper dinner host will provide adequate nutrition for their guests rather than passively forcing their guests to adhere to their unbalanced dietary choices.

She 04/25/2017.

I would like to try some vegan cooking.

Maymae 04/25/2017.

Its your place so yes serve what you like...however i see your point, when a vegan goes to a non vegan party...the host usually makes dishes thats vegan friendly because they dont want you to feel left out... Sooo its tricky,

maybe try extremely vegan dishes, stuff no one really knows, that way it will seem 'exotic' or like a new experience. Its better than telling everyone the main course is steak and then tell them its not actual meat.

The disappointment is the same as being offered a burger only to find out the patty is soy.

IWannaSeeCanada 04/25/2017.

Go drink some anus fluid 😂

2017 04/25/2017.

Vegan is just a silly fad like vegetarianism. grow up and be a human. or be a cow and eat only plant food.

steeneck 04/25/2017.

Yes. The Dinner guest should eat Veg only else should arrange the Party somewhere else. However it varies from person to person.

O.o 04/25/2017.

Yes, I think that's fine.

When I go to someone elses house, I don't expect special treatment.

(I bring my own damned food, because people don't understand my diet- legit gluten sensitivity, very sensitive!!!!! And vegan, mostly whole foods, likes potato chips but only eats certain oils. Avoids inflammatory ingredients and allergic to a few other random things and intolerant of most things with flavor. Yeh i have health problems, so I try to be healthy. I'd rather be healthy and "weird" or "rude" than sick when I visit people.)

And if they come to my place, they can bring their own food, i dont mind, but if i make something, it will be gluten free, and I don't have any non-vegan things... except an old jar of honey.

polkadottail 04/25/2017.

Of course it's acceptable, and should not be a problem. If someone is really too stubborn and weak to go one meal without eating a dead body or animal secretions, then they are free to stay home.

Amy 04/25/2017.

You can serve whatever you like when you have people over for dinner.

Sandra K 04/25/2017.

When do vegans ever have dinner parties? They're such militant and mindless fanatics that sane people avoid them.

Johnny 04/25/2017.

Only if the guests know BEFORE they go to the place where the dinner is to be held. I'd never go to a vegan dinner. Pickled seaweed and boiled chicken beaks just doesn't sound like good eatin' to me...

Sean 04/25/2017.

Meat and eggs yes, but why would you deny them a book to write in about their daily experiences?

Rick 04/25/2017.

Dinner guests in their home sure

If the vegan is treating at a resturant then no

Jack 04/25/2017.

Of course, as long as you say to them that there will be no meat eatting

Samy 04/25/2017.

I think it is acceptable but it would be respectable to provide prior warning and perhaps ask if there is anything in particular they don't eat that are standard vegan products.

Princess Unattainabelle 04/25/2017.

Sure it is. The people should be informed they will not be served meat, diary and eggs beforehand though. If non vegans don't have to go out of their way to cook a vegan meal then why should vegans have to do the same?

Louis 04/25/2017.

Absolutely. even if the dinner guest didn't know they are not going to get meat, dairy and eggs. its ok. It not like plant food is bad or dangerous or harmful or awful. EVERYBODY eats plant foods every day. So a meal doesn't contain anything but plant food. How is that unacceptable??

nobodyimportant 04/25/2017.

What is "deny?"

If the guests know the host is vegan, what else do they expect? And it's very impolite for a guest to say, "I don't want that vegan sh!t."

Was non-vegan food on the menu the host had and still denied it after a guest asks for it?

Melons 04/25/2017.

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