2 mad dictators. Donald and Kim. There HAS to be fireworks, eh?

Tony 08/25/2017. 8 answers
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Anonymous 04/25/2017.

Asia invented fireworks

forte88eng 04/25/2017.

can't understand why neither have been assassinated, same with assad.

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

Israel is behind it

robert x 04/25/2017.

sooner or later something will happen and the world economy will crash and burn along with peoples lives who have nothing to do with the two stupid leaders

sherlock 04/25/2017.

I am old, have lived in probably the best, most exciting era of mankinds development, but now I am sick of the mess the most intelligent species on Earth has got us into, how they had squandered their huge resource on death, suffering, corruption, cruelty and greed, for evil; when so much could have been achieved for good. I nuclear war happens, personally I think the consequences are well deserved, I only feel sorry for the animals that will suffer the same fate as the perpetrators of this unmitigated f*ck up, who are innocent of any influence on the Worlds ruling psychopaths. God save us all, from our folly.

Steve 04/25/2017.

Donald Trump was elected by the people for the people, this is a fact no matter how much you want to stomp your feet and throw your toys out of your pram.

Anonymous 04/25/2017.

Trump is not a dictator, you stupid moron. Maybe you missed the election because you were too busy trying to find your d*ck.

Shadow Drone 04/25/2017.

There *have* to be fireworks. Plural.

If you think Donald Trump is a dictator, you are not very knowledgeable.