Am I the only one fed up with superhero movies and action movie sequels dominating hollywood?

mamayo 08/23/2017. 7 answers
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It seems like every movie being released is just another sequel from a franchise be it a Marvel superhero movie or Fast and the Furious.

7 Answers

Nix the stix 04/23/2017.

No, and even though I love superheroes the annoying movie universes are getting old. What's also annoying is the shoddy sequels like Independence Day: Resurgence, or remakes and life stories of people we don't really care for.

Adam 04/23/2017.

Apparently you are in the minority, judging by the box office receipts. And I must admit that I like MOST of them. DC has yet to consistently find the formula.

ProfGene.Togolot 04/23/2017.

No I am because I did not care for comic books when I was a kid. I preferred reading real books so since I go to the movies every Sunday I cannot avoid having to watch a Marvel movie every now and then. I prefer real heroes like Sully or the Doctor in Concussion than fake heroes with capes.

nezhtal 04/23/2017.

hell no you arent. All we get anymore is animation, superheroes and animated superheroes. Oh yeah, and lame remakes of good foreign films. Hollywood sucks.

Charlene Gosling 04/23/2017.

Yes a lot of us are getting tired of these, but they make big money so they won't stop making them, also its a far less risky strategy than coming up with something original

BlueChief 04/23/2017.

They are all **** and just done just for money, not even worth watching, how much more will the Furious franchise milk itself

Danielle 04/23/2017.

Yes, yes you are