Do people really leave the sink on when brushing teeth?

Anonymous 08/23/2017. 11 answers
Environment Conservation

11 Answers

Tante/Auntie Anna Ist Erstaunt 05/23/2017.

I don't because I am using a glass filled with water and mouthwash to rinse my mouth out.

Simple, right?

bee 04/23/2017.

I don't, because I only need water to wet my brush, then I turn it off until I spit it out then rinse my mouth

Chris 04/23/2017.

yes env is already ruined who cares?

Periferalist 04/23/2017.

Only to consult a encyclopedia.

Carnation 04/23/2017.

I would never be able to get the sink back on, if I took it off ! I use a tooth mug, rather than leave the tap running.

Bertsta 04/23/2017.

They leave the tap running..

Love big words 04/23/2017.

I really do

speed 04/23/2017.

Not all.

Ayışığı 04/23/2017.

No, never.

That is a waste of water I fill a cup with water

Imagine ... 5 billion people run the tap for 2 or 3 minutes twice a day

how many liters of water is lost?

lee.anita 04/23/2017.

Generally not

pearlmar 04/23/2017.

Yes, I do.