Is a ready to eat cooks ham fully cooked?

richard 08/24/2017. 11 answers
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i got a cooks ham it says to put i the over to heat 10 minutes per pound. is it fully cooked. safe to eat?

11 Answers

kswck2 04/24/2017.

If you want it hot, then heat it. BUT, it is already cooked and you can serve it at room temperature.

Clive 04/24/2017.

Which part of "ready to eat" don't you understand? 10 minutes per pound will only warm it up. Obviously it's been cooked already and you could eat it cold if you like.

gc girl 04/24/2017.

its already cooked, you're just heating it up

Groovy_Unicorn 04/24/2017.

It says ready to eat. What do you think?

denise 04/24/2017.

Yes its fully cooked, if you want to, you could put a glaze on it before you re-heat it, to make it tasty, and looking home made.

aknaswonder 04/24/2017.

Yes it is fully cooked. Cooking it for only 10 minutes per pound will not result in a tender ham. Cover and slow cook for a tender ham. It's up to you.

Nana Lamb 04/24/2017.

yes, you can eat it cold if you wish. I take the ham out of the freezer and let it defrost then divide up the slices bone and bits and pieces in different storage bags. The amount we are going to eat for lunch or dinner is maybe heated, but usually served cold. Yes, it is ready to eat without heating or you can heat it for the 10 minutes per pound. For our family picnics I never bother heating it. I drop the defrosted ham into an ice chest and go to the picnic site.

Anna E 04/24/2017.

If a ham is fully cooked, it will say so on the packaging. The majority of hams sold are cooked and ready to eat, but have instructions to reheat to serve hot or use a glaze. Hams sold in the raw meat section as picnic hams are NOT cooked and need to be.

Michael 04/24/2017.

yes, you just have to heat it back up or you could eat it cold

RoyS 04/24/2017.

Yes, it's fully cooked. Baking for 10 mins. per pound would only be sufficient to heat it up.

Amy 04/24/2017.

Yes it is fully cooked and just needs to be heated through