Why did the Jews kill Jesus?

Anonymous 08/26/2017. 16 answers
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AlCapone 04/26/2017.

Jesus didn't believe in scheming people out of their money. You know the Jews will never allow that. He had to go.

Lacy555 04/26/2017.

The Romans killed Jesus. Back then, anyone who refused to acknowledge Caesar as a God was killed. Jesus refused.

Kalico 04/26/2017.

ONLY the Jewish PRIESTS (yes, they WERE priests; today there are rabbis, or religious teachers of Judaism) hated Jesus but Jesus, born, raised, educated as a Jew was martyred as a Jew by the Roman soldiers under orders from Pontius Pilate, the ruler of the conquerors and occupiers of the land today known as Israel. You're either lying or you haven't read your Bible.

robert x 04/26/2017.

Didsnt the roman leader pontious pilot have jesus killed?

? 04/26/2017.

Because he was a fraud and trouble maker thus a threat to the Jewish hierarchy. They did it by proxy thanks to Poncho the Pilot. Lesson learned: Running your mouth without restraint can be dangerous.

Steve 04/26/2017.

According to the New Testament, the Romans killed Jesus.

SlimCheesy 04/26/2017.

He was Jewish ye gimp

Anonymous 04/26/2017.

The Jews wanted him killed and the Romans did it for him coz he said he was the son of God.

Anonymous 04/26/2017.

Just some kykes killing another kyke - no great loss.

numbnuts222 04/26/2017.

Technically, the Romans killed him

lilly of the valley 04/26/2017.

the Pharisees put people into the crowd to call for Jesus's death

the Pharisees didn't think Jesus measured up to their idea of the Messiah so rejected Him

they were jealous of Jesus's popularity

Q 04/26/2017.

So that Hitler could take retribution 2000 years later.

Kieth 04/26/2017.

The rich and powerful Jews had Jesus crucified because he was a threat to their power. At his trial, he was found without guilt, but rather than face the mobs himself, Pilate ordered the execution, then washed his hands of it, a legal gesture in those times, saying it would be on their heads. The destruction of Jerusalem and the enslavement of them soon followed. Rome, a once mighty empire, is now a place to get pizza.

OneDrop 04/26/2017.

Because although he came to offer them life, he was bringing judgement on them.

Anonymous 04/26/2017.

last time i checked, jews did not crucify jesus, Don Corleone's italian mafia are guilty

Siddhartha 04/26/2017.

Jesus was accused by the rabbi's of Blasphemy by claiming to be the Son Of God.