Does Nathan ever worry about the helicopters overhead?

Anonymous 08/23/2017. 10 answers
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10 Answers

Armouror 04/23/2017.

he cant hear them in his windowless basement he is only allowed out to visit the Mental Hospital just across the Park

paisley 04/23/2017.

Who's Nathan?

Anonymous 04/23/2017.

Nathan is in Holland he doesn't worry about anything

denis 04/23/2017.

never mind about the helicopters..he should worry about the bugging behind the picture frame

Nosey 04/23/2017.

he is to busy licking windows

Anonymous 04/23/2017.

nathan is the least of your concerns, worry more about dark horses like siddhartha, probably a half breed who's family line was created by former plantation boss, ran away to the west claiming asylum and now exploiting the generosity of the host country

? 04/23/2017.

no, why should he? he has sam missiles ready


Deighton CI5 04/23/2017.

Only the Police helios, enforcing his injuction forcing him to stay within the L postal district, limited to L8 18:00-06:00 - it is a complicated arrangement, and not one the authorities are keen to admit exists.

Siddhartha 04/23/2017.

Broadmoor inmates are used to that !

Anonymous 04/23/2017.

Yeah, because it worries his bats in the belfray.