Which zodiac sign would try to buy someone's love?

Anonymous 08/24/2017. 8 answers
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8 Answers

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Leo taurus gemini

Guven 05/24/2017.

Definitely not scorpio, cancer, pisces and virgo.

Capricorns. ....I don't understand their nature.

Taurus would buy loveđź’·

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Taurus. Fools got no game

No 04/24/2017.

Sagittarius. I'm probably bias because I know a desperate Sagi that thinks money can buy everything. I think fire signs in general are desperate for acceptance and companionship

Lovergal 04/24/2017.

Leo, Taurus, aries

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

I agree with anon on leo and aries.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Any who is obsessed with their loved one. But maybe Leo or Aries because they would give anything not to be rejected. Also, Capricorn might do it because they think fortune is very important.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

I don't think anyone would do that. It wouldn't work.