Can you make sweet potato brownies with no sugar?

Makayla 08/26/2017. 7 answers
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I'm just wondering because when I bake sweet potatoes just plain they taste like a dessert but I notice the skin is the mainly sweet part where the sugar simplified and leaked out. I want to make sweet potato brownies but the recipes calls for 1/3 of sugar. I know not adding the sugar could mess up the texture,...

7 Answers

Nosehair 04/26/2017.

The expectation of eating a brownie is something very sweet. Without sugar the natural sweetness from sweet potatoes would not be sufficient for most people.

kswck2 04/26/2017.

Sweet Potato is a misnomer. While it is a potato (practically), it is not a Sweet Russet Potato. So some sugar will have to go into the recipe.

Groovy_Unicorn 04/26/2017.

Sweet potato and peanut butter brownies? Just throw up in a pan and bake it why don't you?

Anonymous 04/26/2017.

You could get away with if it they are very sweet. However if they're not that sweet you'll need sugar or maple syrup or honey.

I made the mistake of not adding any sweetener when I made them last week actually and they came out blah because of no extra sweetener. I guess the sweet potatoes weren't as sweet as I thought they'd be.

Definitely try the potatoes in advance and then adjust sweetening as needed or don't if not needed.

Just skipping 1/3 cup of sugar won't make a big difference in texture at least i don't think so.

Nana Lamb 04/26/2017.

1/3 cup? that isn't much sugar and won''t mess up the texture of your brownies if you omit it.

Ron 04/26/2017.

All I know is that I accidentally made cookies without sugar and it tasted like I was licking an exhaust pipe.

plumdumplings 04/26/2017.

If the chocolate is cocoa or unsweetened baking chocolate - I don't think you'll like the results. If the chocolate is sweetened, you may be able to get away with it, but it's still going to be more like chocolate-sweet potato bread than cake. I'd throw in a couple tablespoons of sugar and taste the batter to see.