Steak & Cheese Taco? Vegetable Burger? Or a Tuna Fish Sandwich for lunch?

Scooter_The_Squirrel_Agent 08/24/2017. 32 answers
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32 Answers

Hall 05/24/2017.

Veggie burger simply because I do not like the other two options.

jada 04/24/2017.

steak and cheese taco

♥Sweetness♥ 04/24/2017.

Veggie burger simply because I do not like the other two options.

Gerry G 04/24/2017.

A nice tuna fish sandwich please.

mattapan26 04/24/2017.

I had a tuna sandwich, a small package of Wise or Cain's potato chips and an apple for 4 years of high school. When you have hit perfection, why change, right?

Tasha W 04/24/2017.

I would totally pick the steak and cheese taco. That just sounds so very mouth watering delicious. Yes please.

ForeverYoung 04/24/2017.

Most definently a steak & cheese taco! Yum!

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Steak and Cheese TACOO!

denise 04/24/2017.

Steak & cheese taco, please.

♥♥♥ 𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝒢𝑜 𝒢𝒾𝓇𝓁 ♥♥♥ 04/24/2017.

Yum Steak & Cheese Taco sounds good!

Filipo 04/24/2017.

Steak & Cheese Taco.

Babybear 04/24/2017.

tuna fish

that_gamer 04/24/2017.

I'd take the taco without question and then wash it down with a cold coke. Yum

Sharon S 04/24/2017.

tuna fish sandwich is my favorite and love to use fresh canned tuna for it

sakura 04/24/2017.

Hey Scooter:) God I haven't been a YA in a long time, glad to still see you on here!:) I don't know about you, but a Steak and cheese taco sounds so good right now!

katiya 04/24/2017.

Make a vegetable taco with tuna.

Have you ever used lettuce for a taco?

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Tuna sandwich.

Weasel McWeasel 04/24/2017.

I make a killer, definitely the tuna sandwich.

Them 04/24/2017.

Well - it's all junk food. So shouldn't make any difference. It's all designed to make you sick and fat.

Charlie 04/24/2017.

A tuna fish sandwich with tomato olives cucumber red onion lettuce and avocado yummy indeed

2017 04/24/2017.

turkey and radish sandwich

? 04/24/2017.

veggie burger. i like tacos. but... my tacos have to have an equal amount of veggies as cheese and meat. otherwise, i wont eat it. and tuna, ive got in my cabinets. xD i bought it once at a restaurant. never again.

Lindsay 04/24/2017.

It would be healthier to eat a tuna sandwich or veggie burger.

Warren 04/24/2017.

Depends on the mood I guess

Susan 04/24/2017.

tuna fish sandwich for me, the only problem is that i'd eat 3 of those.

Mrs H 04/24/2017.

Steak and Cheese Taco

Tom Mustang cat 04/24/2017.

The steak and cheese taco.

Bert Weidemeier 04/24/2017.

....tuna fish sandwich, had one this afternoon!

conley39 04/24/2017.

Tuna Fish Sandwich

Allen 04/24/2017.

Vegetable Burger

Melons 04/24/2017.

Steak & Cheese Taco

Fireball 04/24/2017.