I was underwhelmed by the new Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser?

Elijah 04/14/2017. 5 answers
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5 Answers

Inquizetif 08/13/2017.

Many people were but most will still hand their money over to Disney to see the latest Star Wars travesty, like the gullible fools Disney takes them for.

ksnake10 12/13/2017.

Some people who watched the film said it was 'too inclusive' of women and minorities which doesn't make any sense as a 'criticism' in a universe that has at least 100 non-humans for every 1 human within it. Race and gender 'among humans' in the massive Star Wars Universe are not even social constructs, yet audiences insist on making 'false equivalencies' here in our universe. If J.J. Abrams and Disney want more 'women of color', more 'elder inclusivity', or more 'LGBT-empowering' characters in their films, then that's their decision to make. Audiences "vote with their wallets."

Anonymous 08/13/2017.

lol me too a little bit, BUT it's JUST A TEASER! I'm sure we'll get something way better! you don't want to see too much!

Kyle 08/13/2017.

same. i wasn't impressed. then again, i've never been a huge Star Wars fanatic. i'm sure they'll release more trailers with more story information. but, if they showed too much, fans will complain of telling the whole story in the trailer, like some do.

Jamey 08/13/2017.

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