If someone is a Kiss fan and they're older than 12, is it safe to say they're retarded?

Anonymous 08/25/2017. 6 answers
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6 Answers

The_Angry_Bear 04/25/2017.

No, retarded people are way too intelligent to listen to Kiss

Dr. Jeff 04/25/2017.

Of course not!

John 04/25/2017.

Anyone liking suckass kiss must be retardedđŸ˜‚LED ZEPPELIN rules!

Bony Iommi 04/25/2017.

No -- there are far worse bands that people listen to.

Danny 04/25/2017.

If you want to be safe, loose all social use of the word "retarded". Over in mental health, where it came from, it hasn't been used for many years. In general social use, it's safe to say that those that say it are shallow, insensitive, or just immature, and in serious need of better vocabulary.

Words can hurt, or get you hurt. I don't give a crap about Kiss either. But toss that word around a couple wheeling their disabled son in WalMart, and, while Mrs. wheels son outside, Mr. may bounce you off a hard wall.

moezlanski 04/25/2017.

No. There are some very intelligent people way older than that who like them. People are going to listen to whatever they want to. Kiss to some are like Led Zeppelin. I dont see it but to each his own