Is he rich? Does this all add up?

Anonymous 08/23/2017. 6 answers
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He told me on our first date that he makes 200,000/yr. He Is an entrepreneur. When we were making a budget, he told me to put $6000/month as his income. Has he lied to me? He said that it really depends on the clients that come in and that he put 6000/month to be "safe". He said at times clients come in...

6 Answers

crnio031109 04/23/2017.

The only reason so much emphasis has been placed on money, monEY, MONEY, is because this person is trying to impress you... How does that saying go?

...."If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Most probably, his claims are false.

And, NO, this does NOT all add up.

Love big words 04/23/2017.

This won't end well.

O.o 04/23/2017.

Why is he telling you his income?

Do not trust him.

Old Guy 04/23/2017.

That's all 'hearsay' evidence. You are wise to be wary

Coffee 04/23/2017.

I guess his income is around 6000 but can vary but mainly around there. But were you on the date for the money he makes or to get to know him?????

Mario Antero 04/23/2017.

No nearly enough info to answer the question but obviously you are a gold digging bimbo so keep swallowing and taking it in the butt, you'll eventually find your rich guy