Help! My mom is exercising too much!?

Curious 08/23/2017. 5 answers
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My mom is 44 years old, 5'2" and 120 pounds and she thinks she wants to lose a little weight. I try to tell her that she's not fat and she says she'd just feel better if she was like 10 pounds lighter because that's how she was in her 20s. Well she's been exercising like 2 hours a day and...

5 Answers

that_gamer 04/23/2017.

i would say that you just let her work out. She's a grown woman and she'll decide what weight is perfect for her. You should be worried if she was working out that much and starving herself at the same time

USAFisnumber1 04/23/2017.

For a person her height, 110 pounds would be about dead center for desired weight. Leave her along, exercise is good for you, it beats her sitting on the sofa getting fat. Why don't you exercise with her, now would be a good time for you to develop some good habits too.

sheloves_dablues 04/23/2017.

No, she's NOT burning 2000 calories exercising. Your mom is free to exercise if she chooses. There is absolutely no reason for you to be trying to tell her what to do.

. 04/23/2017.

She's an adult and will do as she pleases. Minumum healthy weight for a woman her height, with a small frame, is 109 lbs, so she won't be underweight unless she's got a medium or large frame (and even then, she wouldn't be underweight by much if she dropped 10 lbs).

Mamawisdom 04/23/2017.

There is nothing you can do but continue to tell you mom that you think she looks great an you love her. She is an adult and can make her own choices. Where is your dad in all of this? Is your mother single? Has she recently broken up with a boyfriend or had job change? Many women fall into a trap of thinking that they can solve their problems by changing the way they look. Her recent decision to drop some weight may be the result of feeling that she lost out on something.

It is very, very, very unlikely that your mother could burn 1,000 calories in two hours let alone 2,000. If she were creating a calorie deficit of 1,400 calories a day, she'd be loosing three pounds a week and would hit her "goal" in 2-3 weeks. If that isn't happening then your guess about her calorie consumption and usage are off.